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  SillBill 12:47 13 Jan 2013

Is it possible to add a, say, 5 minute period where the poster could edit (correct spelling errors etc.) his OWN post only instead of making a second post pointing out the error?

Posted by SillBill

  Forum Editor 12:56 13 Jan 2013

That is one of the things we have been considering. One of the problems - and it really only affects Speakers Corner, is that when discussions get heated we wanted to avoid the possibility that someone could edit their own post in the light of what another person subsequently said.

These discussions often move along more or less in real time, and post editing could be an issue in those circumstances.

Nevertheless, it's something that is still on our 'for consideration' list.

I've said it before, but a really good way of working in the forum is to write your posts into a word processor first, so it can be spell-checked, and then paste the text into the forum. Alternatively, use a browser that has a spell checker dictionary installed.

Forum Editor

  SillBill 13:01 13 Jan 2013

Thanks for the answer, but I really should have said "to correct broken links etc" not just spelling errors, BTW whatever I'm using at present underlines misspellings in red, but they are not always caught before clicking "Post"! (it alerted me to remove the hyphen in mis-spellings)

  SillBill 13:03 13 Jan 2013

oops, case in point, I omitted my sig in the previous post!!

Posted bt SillBill

  lotvic 16:30 13 Jan 2013

Posted by lotvic

SillBill, your broken link in another thread occurred because of the formatting on pca. When you pasted the url it contained two _ 's and anything inbetween two of those is converted into italics.

Like this it does show up as italics in the preview box.

A good way to post links and avoid that problem as well as really long url's is to hightlight some text and turn your own text into a hyperlink by then clicking on the blue globe with green arrow and paste your url into the box that pops up. Just make sure that you only have one h t t p : \ \ at the front.

If you also want your text link to have an optional title, after the url you have pasted in you type a space then "this is my optional title" including the " quote marks. Then when you hover your mouse cursor over link the optional title pops up.

example for this thread (if it works that is.. ;)) You can also if you wish add or edit your optional title afterwards in the compose box by adding/altering the text, just type a space"put your optional title in" after the bracketed url at the bottom of the compose box (scroll down to see it)

1: "SillBill this is my optional title"

  lotvic 16:39 13 Jan 2013

Curses - what do they say about working with children and animals? add pca to that list ;D lol

perverse or what? it works in the preview box but not when transferred to post.

Back to the drawing board..... ;) maybe it doesn't need the space or something.

for some very very strange reason my link words 'for this thread' points to

I'll get my coat... time for a walk.

  SillBill 16:40 13 Jan 2013

Thanks for that lotvic I give it a try later to see if I've got the hang of it!


  SillBill 16:42 13 Jan 2013

Spellcheckers DON'T pick up grammatical faults such as I instead of I'll!


  lotvic 17:00 13 Jan 2013

SillBill, best of luck it seems to be potluck whether it works or not lol I'm still trying to work out how www.geforce link got into the thread... I haven't been to their site for at least a month and haven't copied or pasted the url anywhere, it's not even in my saved bookmarks list.

Bit worrying that links can get changed to something entirely different to what poster intended.

  wiz-king 17:02 13 Jan 2013

Speckie is a good spell-chequer for this sort of thing if you use Internet Explorer.

  SillBill 17:09 13 Jan 2013

Frightening, imagine the havoc if a Trojan link had replaced Geforce!

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