Use of public email servers

  john bunyan 09:07 20 Nov 2018

Ivanka Trump used public e mail servers for some White House business. To parody what Donald said of Hillary: Crooked Ivanka - Lock her up!!


  john bunyan 13:51 20 Nov 2018

Ah well , no interest so green ✅

  Forum Editor 14:08 20 Nov 2018

"Ah well , no interest"

Give it time - you only posted it seven hours ago. People are at work, or tending their allotments, or sorting their postcard collections, or driving their taxis.

  john bunyan 14:45 20 Nov 2018


Touché. The luxury of being retired sometimes makes on forget the halcyon days of working , as I often did,up to 70 hours a week !

  wee eddie 15:15 20 Nov 2018

His own words, coming home to roost. I wonder how he will explain this - Fake Newwwws no doubt

  MPN1A 18:55 20 Nov 2018

He won't explain it. He'll just bluster his way out of it.

  Forum Editor 22:46 20 Nov 2018

He did indeed use the words 'Fake news' to describe the ways the media have drawn comparisons with his attacks on Hilary Clinton and the fact that his daughter has been doing exactly the same thing.

It seems that hardly a week passes without some new Trump blunder being revealed.

  john bunyan 09:33 22 Nov 2018


Very prophetic! Now Trump has been criticised by the head of the Supreme Court, no less, for yet again interfering in the justice system. This man is a potential dictator who treats his job like he did on the TV show, The Apprentice.

obama judge

  john bunyan 18:12 23 Nov 2018

Trump’ s modesty has no end. His Thanksgiving message heaped praise on himself.

Trump Thanksgiving

  Quickbeam 07:09 24 Nov 2018

He must feel very bigly good in being so magnanimous towards himself...

  morddwyd 09:13 24 Nov 2018

All the issues in the country, let alone the world, and we're discussing the behaviour of Trump's wife!

The constant fascination with all things American.

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