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Use of Plastic Drinking Straws.

  BT 17:49 25 Jun 2019

No doubt most of you will have been aware of the campaign to eliminate the use of single use plastic including Drinking Straws.

Now for various reasons my Wife finds it easier to drink certain things with a straw and as her supply is getting low she asked me to get some from Tesco with the weekly online order.

This is what I found Paper Straws £2.00 for 80 -- Plastic Straws 35p for 120. So paper straws are around 10 times the price of plastic ones. Hardly an incentive to make the change (unless you are rich)

  lotvic 17:02 27 Jun 2019

martd7, take your own (reusable) straw. Problem solved.

  BT 17:58 27 Jun 2019

I can never get round the idea of a McD milkshake as a drink. I've never had one but from what I've seen they are very thick, more like a semi melted icecream.

  BT 18:15 28 Jun 2019

Final Update

As it turned out Tesco's Plastic straws were unavailable when I ordered them so ended up with some Stainless Steel ones from Amazon. £2.99 for 8, 4 straight, 4 bent, 2 cleaning brushes, 8 silicone mouthpieces and a storage pouch. Probably last me out!

  lotvic 18:26 28 Jun 2019

Yay, good solution :-D

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