Use of One Time Codes for Verification of On Line

  morddwyd 20:38 18 Jun 2018

Just heard from my bank that they are introducing one time codes for on line shopping, and these would be sent by text.

When I told them I had no idea how to get to a text and even if I did I probably couldn't read it, they said they would send it by email.

If, like me, you do 97% of your shopping om line this could prove inconvenient to say the least.

Is this an industry wide thing in response to an increase in fraudulent on line trading, or is it just my bank being super cautious?

  Aitchbee 22:21 18 Jun 2018

Think yourself lucky, 50% of recipients of universal credit are not even online or [easily] have access to the internet. This government does not have a scoobie as to how to use modern IT at a fundamental level. They [the GOV] forget that millions of people do not use computers for any monetary transactions.

  morddwyd 08:32 19 Jun 2018

Not at all sure how you can be affected by increased security for on line shopping if you don't have access to the internet!

  natdoor 09:36 19 Jun 2018

I am aware that Santander have introduced this arrangement. I don't know of any others. It is possible to use an alternative credit card and to pay in full by monthly direct debit. These have some security measures but perhaps not as robust as the ont time code.

  Teabag. 10:34 19 Jun 2018

When I switched banks, moved to NatWest, for online transactions I had to insert card into a reader to verify a code.

As soon as they found my spending patterns it stopped.

I guess it is the banks way of cutting down on online fraud. Just the way my card reader gives an extra layer of security.

  Pine Man 10:36 19 Jun 2018

Santander have used this for a long time and I welcome it.

  morddwyd 11:09 19 Jun 2018

Do you not find it an inconvenience to have to go through your emails in order to buy, say, a toothbrush?

  Pine Man 11:37 19 Jun 2018

Do you not find it an inconvenience to have to go through your emails

I get the OTC by text and at the moment Santander only use it for setting up a Faster Payment' for the first time. After that the payment is recognised as genuine. I expect this process will be what is going to apply to on line purchases in the future and, for those that the system is suitable for, it will save a lot of fraudulent purchases.

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