Use it or lose it.

  carolineann 15:27 23 Aug 2004

We all know a healthy diet and exercise is good for the body,

So to my way of thinking the computer is good for exercising the mind.

I love any games associated with words, plus the occasional card game.

I wonder what sort of games other members play, and why.

Also do you think it stimulates your mind?

  €dstowe 16:47 23 Aug 2004

All computer games just leave me cold.

I have no interest in any of them at all.

I do play bridge, a bit of chess, Scrabble and Monopoly (sometimes) but these are the real live games, not computer simulations.

  spuds 17:00 23 Aug 2004

I generally 'wind down' with a on-screen similation contest against the computer with a game of checkers[draughts] or chess,with the odd game of solitare thrown in.Very relaxing, especially in the small hours.

"We all know a healthy diet and exercise is good for the body". Even the 'experts' cannot agree on that one, back to my bread and dripping, with a pinch of salt sandwich ;o)

  €dstowe 17:03 23 Aug 2004

As one with medical training, I know just how unhealthy a dripping and salt sandwich is.

Nothing quite like it though - especially if the dripping has jelly and scrapings from the bottom of the roasting tin in it!:-))))

  pj123 17:13 23 Aug 2004

€dstowe. I'm with you there on both your posts, but particularly the one about the dripping sandwich, can't beat it.

  slim 65 20:30 23 Aug 2004

Computer games also leave me cold.

Any good board games or cards are fascinating and are totally absorbing. They can be enjoyed by all the Family together.

However, my favourite games are very basic and simple and give me more pleasure than anything else. They are played with my young Labrador pup. Come hail,rain sun or snow we go out together at 6.00am every morning down across the fields to his favourite stream where we play "pooh" sticks and chase rabbits. Keeps me feeling fit and is wonderful for clearing the mind whilst enjoying the best part of the day with a good friend.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 20:50 23 Aug 2004

A good thing to do with a pc is to screw-up Windows from time to time. Then trying to fix it is excellent exercise for the mind!

  Dorsai 21:04 23 Aug 2004

Ain't that the turth.

Far more mentally stimulating. But a bit frustrating.

Where did my DVD drive & CD rom go??....Oh look, they decided to come back again, 4 days later, with no sick notes.

Ho Hum. at least they came back. i just wish i knew why the left to start with.

  kev.Ifty 00:00 24 Aug 2004

I don't often play games(from a disc) on my PC but i do enjoy some of the games available online.
The more simple the better.

The imagination that go'es into some of them is fascinating.

some EG's

click here

I find it helps me relax and keeps the kids amused(for ten minutes!)

Cheers Kev.

  hugh-265156 02:39 24 Aug 2004

i love games,good games and some scientific study i believe would suggest that most pc/console gaming in moderation, is generally very good for your hand - eye coordination and you brain.

i personally really enjoy playing old 80`s console games for the likes of the snes or megadrive consoles as most were and still are hard as nails :-) my favorites are mario kart and super aleste for the snes.

for the computer though i enjoy simulations like fs2002 and driving games like the colin mac rea rally series.

modern shooters dont really do it for me (mainly because im rubbish at them) but i do have a copy of half life and counterstrike which gets a whirl every now and then and its all good fun (although i die quite a lot)

this is a good site for free online games click here and i find myself playing word whomp or high stakes pool for more time than i will ever admit to. as above solitare in windows rates highly also.

  Dan the Confused 03:47 24 Aug 2004

I agree up to a point, but surely toast and dripping is better? Especially with a cup of tea.

My fave game at the mo is Scrabble Deluxe and I very nearly beat it at Master level recently (came within 2 points). I will beat it soon though because I hate Maven so much. No really, I will. I WILL!!

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