The use of evermore passwords.

  bumpkin 20:23 24 May 2018

I realise that passwords are necessary for security purposes but they are now getting more and more complicated in their requirements ie. Minimum number of digits consisting of upper case + lower case + number + sybol.

Example 1. I wanted to buy something from Screwfix online but it required a password which I had forgotten so I then had to be sent an email and a link to enter a new one. Having done that I was then asked for a further password to make the payment. Why I wonder is this necessary when I could have just walked in the shop and bought the items.

Example 2. My daughter needs to do some online training for her job, to access the site requires a 20 character password. I only need 8 to access my bank.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 24 May 2018

I could have just walked in the shop and bought the items

Which means: finding the car keys, driving into town - finding somewhere to park - waiting in line for a catalogue - searching through the catalogue to find the item - writing the item on a piece of paper - going to the counter to wait again for a sales person - searching your pockets for the screwfix card - searching again for your credit card - trying to remember your card pin number for this particular card - waiting for the payment to be authorised - then find the banks computers are down - searching your pockets again for enough cash to pay for the item - going home without the item because you don't do cash anymore in this modern era.

Quicker to shop on line and use a password program such as Last Pass to remember all the passwords for you, just need the one password (to rule them all) make it a sentence (containing symbols) that you can remember i.e. 4got Your Pa$$word again?

25 characters containing numbers letters and symbols - simples


  bumpkin 21:49 24 May 2018

Very droll FB :-) but Last Pass sounds interesting.

  Pine Man 08:15 25 May 2018

At the last count I had 140 passwords which, I kept on a password protected Excel spreadsheet. Aware of Excel security limitations I started using Enpass, which is free to use and synchronises between Mac and PC. There is also a version for smart phones.

  BT 08:47 25 May 2018

I've been using the same Password device for at least 15 years and it hasn't failed me yet. Its called a Black n' Red A6 notebook and pencil.

Depends on useage of course, but if its for home use, perfectly adequate.

Same goes for computer log on passwords. We see so many posts on here where people have forgotten their Log on password. I've never felt the need for my PC to have a password. My old XP desktop just starts up, and I have bypassed the log on on my Win 10 laptop as shown in an article on this very website. My computers never leave my house and no one else is likely or needs to access them. My Wife has her own Laptop so is catered for and we share the Desktop for certain things.

  Pine Man 09:03 25 May 2018

Depends on useage of course, but if its for home use, perfectly adequate.

Couldn't agree more but my iMac, PC and iPhone are all linked via one cloud or another and, in addition, I need access to certain sites while away from home so some form of Password manager is invaluable for me.

  bumpkin 19:04 25 May 2018

I think my point has been missed here. Why would anybody want to hack into a training site to answer some questions or screwfix to buy something that they still need to pay for.

  Quickbeam 19:28 25 May 2018

"...a Black n' Red A6 notebook and pencil."

Well I'm one step more advanced than that in using Excel!

But the Lastpass sounds like a good one. My Macaffe has one, but I don't use it because I change to the cheapest/best deal security option every year and it's a pain to put all that into a new security programme.

  Quickbeam 19:31 25 May 2018

I use the 4 digit number login option for W10, very simples.

  AroundAgain 20:51 25 May 2018

Have to say, I prefer KeePass rather than LastPass, mainly because KeePass doesn't need internet connection to access.

There are, no doubt, other pros & cons but I've used KeePass for years and found it very easy to use. I don't use the generated random password for me, as I prefer to remember my more frequent passwords but they're available if required.

  BT 08:11 26 May 2018

Well I'm one step more advanced than that in using Excel!

Ah Yes!! But the problem with that is that you have to have logged in using one of the Passwords recorded in your Excel spreadsheet before you can look up your Password. My notebook is instantly accessible and can be edited with the use of a rubber and a sharp (or blunt) pencil. ☺

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