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USB - what do the letters stand for? 'Brain of Britain' (finalists) ... are pathetic!

  Aitchbee 15:49 05 Mar 2012

Universal Serial Bus, was the answer.

Are people (us) becoming more stupid?

None of them, (Ray Ward was the eventual winner, BTW), could provide an answer.

I am referring to Brain of Britain on BBC radio 4...this afternoon.

  Quickbeam 16:04 05 Mar 2012

Unless you work with hardware in repair or construction, or your a PCA geek, why does it matter?

A USB socket is where you plug the printer or the exterior hard drive in for it to work.

You don't need to know that an electrical plug is 13 amp and fused now that all appliances have them fitted, all you need to know is that it plugs into the wall and your appliance will work.

  Aitchbee 16:16 05 Mar 2012

The person who won it, has now been 'crowned' Brain Of Britain'...come on..give me a break!

  Forum Editor 18:08 05 Mar 2012

Being named 'Brain of Britain' isn't an indication that you know everything - it's simply an acknowledgement of the fact that you were able to provide more correct answers than any of the other contestants.

My wife doesn't know what most of the component parts of a computer are called. I find that ridiculously easy.

I don't know what drugs I might prescribe for mild schizophrenia. She finds that ridiculously easy.

It's never a good idea to refer to a gap in someone else's knowledge as "pathetic" unless you are prepared to demonstrate that you don't have similar failings... you can do that, can you?

  Toneman 18:19 05 Mar 2012

Do you watch Eggheads on BBC2? A recent win of £25,000 resulted from the Eggheads not being able to calculate which polygon among octagon, decagon or duodecagon had internal angles adding up to 1440 degrees, is this your field?

  Aitchbee 20:44 05 Mar 2012

I can get all of the answers correct.....

...when I tune-in to the repeat.

What struck me, was, that there was a stoney silence, from all four contestants...a deafening silence! the USB poser.

Perhaps, pathetic was too strong a word, to describe their collective ignorance.

  Aitchbee 21:47 05 Mar 2012

badgery - you've either got it...or you haven't!

  daz60 21:54 05 Mar 2012

Not "ignorance" but momentary loss of memory,sure they knew the answer but could not 'get it out'.

Easy being an 'armchair contestant' but under those bright lights your fully exposed.

  Aitchbee 22:10 05 Mar 2012

Brain of Britain is one of my favourites. It used to be broadcast on the World Service when the late Robert Robinson was the chairman.

The new man, Russell Davies is also very entertaining, with his dry wit.

daz60 - I usually listen in the dark, in my the repeat version, on a saturday night at pressure.

  tullie 08:48 07 Mar 2012

I wonder if anyone has started a thread,and wished they had not?

  natdoor 08:56 07 Mar 2012

*Bingalau *The organisations who collaborated on the definition of the new interface concept had to give it a name. Since its purpose was to have a new standard to replace a variety of different interfaces, universal seems a reasonable term to use. Since it carries data in a serial form, that too seems reasonable. Bus is a term long used for data communication links, for example Milbus 1553. So the name seems appropriate and self explanatory, to me at least.

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