US Election 2016 Race Result Near

  Quickbeam 05:27 09 Nov 2016

Trump is getting quite close now having unexpectedly won Florida.

BBC Trumpometer

Will we see a white elephant in the Whitehouse?

  Aitchbee 05:47 09 Nov 2016

I think Trump will prove himself to be a great president.The American people are obviously looking for CHANGE just like the British nation voted for brexit.

  Quickbeam 06:06 09 Nov 2016

Buy shares in bricks!

  x123 07:25 09 Nov 2016

Like brexit, it looks like the protest voters have upset the apple cart and might have let in a disaster.

Wish I had invested in those nuclear fall out shelters.

  john bunyan 07:57 09 Nov 2016

Trump wins - so many potential issues- uncertainty over NATO just for starters!

  Forum Editor 08:37 09 Nov 2016


"I think Trump will prove himself to be a great president."

Comments like that remind me of some that were made the day after Obama was elected. He hasn't turned out to be a great President - a good one, certainly, but not a great one. There haven't been any of those since Kennedy.

Donald Trump has been given his chance by the American people, and perhaps we should all give him the same chance - let him show his detractors (one of whom has been me) that they were wrong.

He'll be faced with difficulties that he doesn't yet know anything about. His first few weeks in office will be the most daunting of his life. Let's hope he has the character and resilience to tackle what lies ahead.

  wee eddie 08:47 09 Nov 2016

Trump is President Elect, not yet President until, I think, the 4th December.

We live in interesting times. We need to buckle up and get on with it

  Southern born 09:12 09 Nov 2016

wee eddie

Inauguration Day is Friday January 20th.

  x123 09:56 09 Nov 2016


Not for myself but a couple of shares in those building them.

Leave me up top, I'm afraid!!

You should be OK. Just in range if the target Faslane.

Will the FM be rolling out the red carpet when Donald pops over for a round of golf?

  Forum Editor 10:16 09 Nov 2016


You just did rise to it. Less is more when it comes to reaction to provocation.

Fear not, I will stop any attempts to divert the thread's direction.

  Belatucadrus 10:55 09 Nov 2016

Breaking News American capital to be renamed in honor of the new Presidents victory, from now on Washington will be known as Trumpton.

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