uPpEr and LoWeR case

  spikeychris 21:16 12 Nov 2004

Why do people, when telling you a website say "all one word and lower case"?? Its ALWAYS one word and upper and lower case mean nothing - put as many caps in as you want it won’t make any difference.

  Sir Radfordin 22:09 12 Nov 2004

Sadly don't think that is quite true. Are UNIX based web servers not case sensitve?

Also you can create a URL with spaces in it but think IE will put %20 or something similar in it's place.

When telling people passwords it is amazing how you can spell it out letter by letter but still need to state that a numeric character is a digit and not the spelling of that number.

  spikeychris 10:16 13 Nov 2004

Unix web servers are case sensitive but as far as I am aware this isn't the domain name but what comes after the slash, such as /MYPIC.jpg Obviously there will be exceptions but it should always be assumed that any case will work unless upper case has been specifically used.

If I had written an URL and left a space then yeah the %20 issue arises but then this would then become part of the domain name and would need to be explained.

There is no need to ever say www this and that with no spaces.

  Forum Editor 11:12 13 Nov 2004

of not worrying about case sensitivity when working on the internet. You'll run into difficulties if you habitually mix upper and lower cases - for instance, a particluar host may have one client called "Smith" and another called "smith".

You'll also get better results from most search engines if you use upper and lower cases correctly in your search terms.

In general terms people (like me) who have used the internet for many years tend to stick to a lower case convention with file-names, email addresses and urls, I never use upper case in my web site filenames for instance, and stick to using mixed cases only when writing text.

  Exco 18:07 16 Nov 2004

To save typing upper case by mistake, there's a little program called 'Boldfinger'. You can get it from click here

To print caps you either have to hold down the shift key or press alt/caps lock.

  Gaz 25 00:14 18 Nov 2004

Lowercase: click here

Upper and lower case: click here

boldfinger dont work, but BoldFinger does.... typical Linux or Unix server!

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