upgrading to Windows 7 from XP

  100andthirty 08:49 21 Feb 2009

there's an article on the news pages talking about upgrading XP to Windows 7. It says that Windows ME was a technical failure (true in my view!) and so MS issued Windows 98SE. This last bit isn't true; Windows 98SE predated Windows ME by at least a year.

Note to author....... check facts!

  bremner 11:45 21 Feb 2009

The piece certainly has its facts mixed up relating to Windows releases. click here

  Forum Editor 12:03 21 Feb 2009

and I apologise for the error - not much more I can say, except that I'll pass the information on to the appropriate person.

  100andthirty 12:19 21 Feb 2009

Well, that's a very speedy response. What can i say except to mangle a well known saying....."to err is human and to apologise is devine"

  Teaboy 11:52 22 Feb 2009


I liked ME!

  WhiteTruckMan 12:24 22 Feb 2009

I liked ME as well. It wasnt without its issues, but so has every other version of windows. I just think it suffered from not having as much investment from MS as some other OS's.


  anchor 14:54 22 Feb 2009

Yes, I also liked Windows ME. As I recall so did the FE, (perhaps in his other persona as China).

Of course, it was not as stable as XP, but we accepted it at the time.

  Legolas 21:32 22 Feb 2009

I am with the rest I also liked ME far more stable in my experience than 98. Not as good as XP obviously. I am now using Vista on my new laptop and I like Vista, stable, fast and easy to use.

  paul trotter 10:00 23 Feb 2009

Thanks for pointing this out, and sorry for the error. We've changed it to.. "Microsoft Millennium was a technical failure that customers avoided, causing Microsoft to QUIETLY REISSUE Windows 98 SE and unofficially pull Millennium from the market.”

  skeletal 17:49 23 Feb 2009

ME was fine. I used it without problems and liked it. I never really knew why so many people moaned about it. Of course it crashed, but for me it was slightly more stable than 98, which in turn was a lot more stable than 95.

Now Vista...well don’t get me going, again; I have enough threads on that topic already!


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