update - new bankcards

  cahpsuth1 11:39 27 Dec 2009

I'm just back from trying to pay some bills at my local post office with my shiny new debit mastercard. They refused to take it, stating that it was a credit card. I showed the assistant the hand held terminal which clearly showed DEBIT MASTERCARD but she was adamant that it was a credit card and told me I could withdraw cash from the ATM to pay my bills.

I made her cancel all the transactions.Clydesdale bank say it isn't them that's at fault it's the post office that hasn't updated it's system. So why issue cards if everyone is not on board?

  cahpsuth1 11:45 27 Dec 2009

It's in Asda.

  bri-an 11:46 27 Dec 2009

"I'm just back from trying to pay some bills at my local post office..."

Is your local PO open on a Sunday - none are around here? (;-0)

  bri-an 11:57 27 Dec 2009

Another question answered before I'd asked it!!

  cahpsuth1 12:02 27 Dec 2009

it must be the time difference!!!!!!

  sunnystaines 17:29 27 Dec 2009

we have a indian store that charges 60p everytime you pay with a debit card, they prefer cash only.

  anchor 14:21 28 Dec 2009

sunnystaines: That being so, I would not patronise their shop.

No wonder Tesco, et.al. are doing well.

  sunnystaines 14:56 28 Dec 2009

only used it once then paid cash refused to be ripped off

  Monoux 18:00 28 Dec 2009

sunnystaines -- perhaps it's tax related i.e. to reduce their bill

  interzone55 19:44 28 Dec 2009

Whilst it costs nothing for the customer to use a credit or debit card, it does cost the retailer.

Depending on the number of transactions per month the retailer will be charged between 30p & 75p per debit card transaction. Credit cards are slightly different, a % of the transaction is charged, usually between 1% & 3%.

To answer the OP's question, if a company waited for everyone to come "on board" nothing would ever be launched.

It's not so long since the post office wouldn't accept any kind of card, my local still doesn't take debit cards for car tax, which is why I've bought it on line for the last two years...

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