An update on jailed marine

  bumpkin 14:41 11 Sep 2015

There was a thread about this sometime back but if anyone interested

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  Aitchbee 15:07 11 Sep 2015

It would appear that he was let down by his original defence team who might have put up a better argument for a more lenient sentence of manslaught due to diminished responsibility.

  Forum Editor 15:22 11 Sep 2015

I haven't read the full story, but it seems that new information has emerged which might mean he was wrongfully convicted for murder. I'm going to read it up later this evening.

  bumpkin 16:19 11 Sep 2015

Here is the original thread 7th Dec 2013

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  bumpkin 16:26 11 Sep 2015

*I'm going to read it up later this evening.

Good I hope you find it a bit more interesting than TT's :-)

  john bunyan 17:44 11 Sep 2015

It now seems that (not disclosed before) that of the Court Martial Jury of 7 , 2 dissented. I believe that, had he been tried by a civilian Jury that he would have been acquitted. I do not want to start discussing the rights and wrings again ,as these were aired in the earlier thread, but would welcome a retrial under a Civil court.

I see that F Forsyth is among other prominent supporters and that his CO resigned in disgust at not being allowed to give evidence.

  john bunyan 17:44 11 Sep 2015

wrings = wrongs, sorry!

  morddwyd 10:38 12 Sep 2015

In my experience, which is considerable, I've been in the cooler three times, the military justice system is concerned less about fairness and more about letting the service, whichever one it is, down.

Like politicians and bankers, you don't get punished for doing it, but for being caught at it.

This guy was let down by those he should have been able to trust with his life. Unforgivable.

As I've said before, if you've been there you'll understand, if you haven't you won't.

  Forum Editor 12:25 12 Sep 2015

*"As I've said before, if you've been there you'll understand, if you haven't you won't."*

It always irritates me slightly when service people adopt that attitude. It's as though they are somehow different from the rest of us in their understanding of the human condition.

They aren't of course, we can easily 'understand' things like this, having a modicum of intelligence. Injustice is injustice, no matter what the context, and it's not difficult to understand what is alleged to have gone on in this case.

Facts will emerge, now that the national media - in the shape of the Daily Mail - has got its teeth into the issue. Newspapers like The Mail excel at campaigning in this style, and no doubt stones are being lifted as I write.

In the end, democratic governments cannot ignore the power of the press. I look forward to further revelations this weekend.

  bumpkin 14:56 12 Sep 2015

I have not been there so do not understand but I can imagine what I would have done if he was dying anyway and no threat which would be to just leave him.

This is a war not a game, how can you have rules that only one side has to comply with.

Say I play FE at chess, he plays by the rules but I can put my pieces anywhere I chose even if not my turn, who do you think will win unless he kills me.

  bumpkin 14:58 12 Sep 2015

For the chess players I think it would be deemed a drawer:-)

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