unwanted phone calls

  conrail 21:06 27 Apr 2011

today I have had 4 phone calls asking me about my gas & electric, is this a record? I usually get one a day, I have asked to be removed from their system, waste of time, I even asked one guy his name telephone number & extension plus the company name and address, he give all of these, a Leicester address, I then contacted the TPS, guess what, no such company exists, I gather they are foreign, dialing 1471 after a call doesn't help as they withhold their number, I have been polite, screamed abuse, threatened legal action, a waste of time, but still the calls come, now I just put the phone down and continue with what I was doing, after half an hour I replace the receiver after making sure they are not there, should they be there I will just leave the phone alone. one girl told me she was from my supplier and asked what tarif I was on, I told her to look on her system if she provided me with my fuel, one guy asked my password, I said if I ring my supplier I will give my password, if my supplier rings me they have to provide mw with my password anybody any suggestions as to what I can do

  Forum Editor 14:52 30 Apr 2011


I'm sorry, I forgot myself for a moment. I'll try not to let it happen again.

  Forum Editor 14:58 30 Apr 2011

I'm obviously missing something here. I get the occasional cold call, but I just say 'no thanks', and replace the receiver. It's not the end of the world, and I find no reason to rant at the caller, or do anything other than to terminate the call rapidly and politely.

I can understand how irritating it would be if the calls came thick and fast, but they don't, do they? Colin summed it up pretty neatly in his 29/04 1:03 post.

  Portal11 18:36 30 Apr 2011

FE ok i see your point! BUT if we sit back & do nothing this Spam will still keep going when my son is a adult! it also makes people angry & like ourselves if the phone rings and its "No number shown" we have ignored it! but so is my sisters number it also comes up as no number and so does a few of our contacts! so we was missing calls until we realized this!

I dont think its BT's fault although they should have some way of blocking these pest numbers!

As regards to the goverments we should at at least try to find a way in which this can be stopped & if its not our faults its either the goverments or the Service providers... that are allowing these idiots to hassle us all Remember i am on YOUR side...

  oresome 19:13 30 Apr 2011


"I'm obviously missing something here."

Well yes, you're probably out of the house earning a living most days.

Spare a thought for those of us who have no need to.

  IClaudio 20:06 30 Apr 2011

I signed up to the TPS many years ago, and have had no cold calls since. It's true that it doesn't filter out foreign calls, but I get maybe one of these every six months, and as soon as I hear the American-accented 'Congratulations', I hang up.

Hardly a problem...

  Forum Editor 22:48 30 Apr 2011


I assure you I have no wish to argue that cold calls aren't irritating - I know that they are. My point is that it's all very well to say "...if its not our faults its either the goverments or the Service providers... that are allowing these idiots to hassle us all" but (and I repeat my earlier question) what do you suggest that either the government or the Telecoms companies can do about it?

Before you criticise both of them for doing nothing try to work out what they could possibly do. The fact is, they can do very little. Governments can pass laws banning cold-calling until they're blue in the face, but if people call from another country our laws aren't much good, are they?

  Forum Editor 22:54 30 Apr 2011


"...you're probably out of the house earning a living most days"

Yes,I am, but my wife is often at home when she's not working, and I'm there in the evenings. I think we would know if large numbers of calls were made to our home in our absence, and they're not. We have a voicemail facility, and all inbound calls are logged, even those where the number is withheld.

We do get cold calls, but not that many. Are you saying that most of the calls come during the day? That's not what I've heard; I've been told that most of them are made in the early evening, when people are more likely to be at home.

  morddwyd 09:29 01 May 2011

Don't know about the rest of the country but I get most of mine mid to late afternoon to early evening.

Up to half a dozen a week (12 since the 25th according to the log) which, as has been said, may not be exactly onerous, but when you've been looking after a disabled person all day and you've just eased your 70 year old bones into a chair for five minutes with a cup of coffee it can certainly seem a bit onerous!

Thank Heaven for "Dragon's Den"! (TrueCall first appeared, and was a winner, on Dragon's Den)

  oresome 15:54 01 May 2011


"Are you saying that most of the calls come during the day?"

Yes, most of our nuisance telephone calls are during the day and the majority do not register on the answering machine as the caller hangs up when the message kicks in.

Physical callers often try during the day and then call back on those that are out in the early evening as you would expect.

Others roam the streets in vans trying to spot either property looking distressed, gullible people or ideally both.

For a refreshing change, I'm sometimes confronted with a deeply philosophical question when answering the door. I may not have an answer to the question posed, but the caller can always find a passage in the bible which provides one.

The latest wheeze seems to be setting up a direct debit for which ever charity happens to call...........no money needed now, we'll take it at the end of the month and the next month and the next. One was rather taken aback when I said I thought 36 pence per day for some charity I'd never heard of WAS an amount I would miss, equating as it does to over £130 per year and requiring me to set aside the income from £4,500 at 3% interest rate to pay for it.

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