unwanted phone calls

  conrail 21:06 27 Apr 2011

today I have had 4 phone calls asking me about my gas & electric, is this a record? I usually get one a day, I have asked to be removed from their system, waste of time, I even asked one guy his name telephone number & extension plus the company name and address, he give all of these, a Leicester address, I then contacted the TPS, guess what, no such company exists, I gather they are foreign, dialing 1471 after a call doesn't help as they withhold their number, I have been polite, screamed abuse, threatened legal action, a waste of time, but still the calls come, now I just put the phone down and continue with what I was doing, after half an hour I replace the receiver after making sure they are not there, should they be there I will just leave the phone alone. one girl told me she was from my supplier and asked what tarif I was on, I told her to look on her system if she provided me with my fuel, one guy asked my password, I said if I ring my supplier I will give my password, if my supplier rings me they have to provide mw with my password anybody any suggestions as to what I can do

  morddwyd 21:34 27 Apr 2011

The only 100% way I know of is TrueCall.

It's expensive, but really 100% effective.

I have not had one unwanted call (previously averaged 20 or more a month) since I installed it, over a year ago.

  birdface 21:40 27 Apr 2011

Use this for Home and Mobile and junk mail.

[link text][1]

[1]: http://Use this for Home and Mobile and junk mail.

  birdface 21:41 27 Apr 2011

oops. link text

  mammak 21:45 27 Apr 2011

I agree these sales calls are very annoying. There is a Telephone preference Service (TPS) you can register with, that should put a stop to most of these calls. http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/tps/

  mammak 21:48 27 Apr 2011

link text

Guess whos not used the new layout before? Hope this works :D

  wiz-king 05:45 28 Apr 2011

Get an answerphone. Leave it switched on at all times and only pick up the phone if you know the caller.

  Grey Goo 08:28 28 Apr 2011

If your phone has call display then No number = No Answer.

  SparkyJack 08:48 28 Apr 2011

You do seem to be in a fix - TPS only seems to work for UK numbers, and here only for main users of phone mail - it does not stop local firms simply going through electoral register or phone book and does not work at all for overseas sourced calls. So- as suggested - a caller I/D display set up - don't pick up unless you know who is calling. Tru call - expensive but effective Or simply pick up and do not speak - put down when the callers I/D's themselves.

Or a loud whistle- As suggested once by F/E on this topic previously I use a 'Bosun's call- that makes clear down.

  interzone55 09:07 28 Apr 2011

Seeing as the original poster did mention TPS there's no need to remind them.

TPS only works with UK based calls, so anyone dialling from outside the EU is immune to censure from the TPS. Also any companies where you have an existing trading agreement are free to call any time up to 9pm, so TPS will not stop marketing calls from you existing or previous utilities unless you have specifically request no calls from the suppliers.

All this means that you really have no control over calls from telemarketing companies based outside the EU. I have caller ID, so any calls where the number is withheld, or that shows up as International get shunted to the answer-phone.

BTW - all UK based call centres have to issue CLI, so a phone number will have to show on Caller ID on your phone - this doesn't necessarily have to be the number the person is calling from, but it has to be a number at the company, normally the reception number...

  interzone55 09:13 28 Apr 2011


A really bad idea to blow a whistle down the phone.

Most call centre operatives wear headsets, a loud whistle can cause serious damage to the hearing of a person who is only doing their job.

As annoying as they are, these call centres are the main employers in some areas of India and the Philippines, so wreaking a person's hearing as revenge for an unwanted telephone call can ruin their life.

Next time your phone rings while you are watching Sky Movies on your 50" TV in your centrally heated house just think the person interrupting the match may well live somewhere like this

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