An unusual large moth in the garden

  Jondrew 14:05 16 Jul 2017

I have found an unusual (at least to me) moth in the garden. I have pictures (not particularly good) and would like to identify it. I will post pictures if someone tells me where to assist in identification. Any takers?

  wee eddie 14:41 16 Jul 2017

Google is your friend.

e.g. Garden Moths in UK

  Jondrew 14:54 16 Jul 2017

Thanks wee eddie, but I have been the Google route and in this case have been unable to find even a near match. I agree that identification is somewhere there but even a slightly different view/photo/lighting can make identification difficult for a less than amature inthis field. Sometimes Google is not quite as friendly as one would like!!

  wee eddie 15:22 16 Jul 2017

Large garden Moths. look at Hawk Moths

  Belatucadrus 16:41 16 Jul 2017

Of the larger moths about at the moment are as wee eddie says the Hawk moths, also Red underwings and the Large Emerald.

What colour was it ?

  Jondrew 18:54 16 Jul 2017

I doubt it was a Hawk Moth as I've seen a number of these. From head to end of wing (wings folded) it was about two inches, brown nar the body with white toward the head and brown and white near the trailing edge of the wing. The body was not furry and the head was black with very distinct black eyes. Any idea?

  Jondrew 18:55 16 Jul 2017

Can't type: nar = near!!

  wee eddie 19:03 16 Jul 2017

Sounds like a Privet Hawk

  hssutton 19:20 16 Jul 2017

Would agree with wee eddie. Check one out hereprivet hawk moth

  Old Deuteronomy 20:10 16 Jul 2017

I will post pictures if someone tells me where to assist in identification. Any takers?

It would make it a great deal easier to help you, if you did post the pictures.

  rdave13 20:43 16 Jul 2017

Okay. Visit this site, postimages , use it on here and looks safe with no warnings from security add-ons . Click the Choose Images tab, find where your image is, select upload. Once done copy the Direct Link.

On here find the image icon (hover mouse over the square icon above the 'reply box' cick on it then do the same as linking to a site. Ignore the give the link a name', any further text you need to add press enter at least three times;

For example only.

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