Unusual Bus Stops & Shelters Around The World.

  Big L 266 09:41 04 Jun 2010


I know how much you enjoyed my previous threads so I thought I'd introduce you to this one namely unusual bus stops and shelters from around the world. The average British Bus stop and shelter are exactly that - average. But the following links prove beyond doubt that British bus stops and shelters could be so much more with some proper design talent.

The link below will take you to 15 superior bus stops and shelters which really are worth a look.

click here

The link below will take you to some cleverly designed bus stops & shelters the favourite of which is one stuffed with real money.

click here

The link below will take you to a now finished website sale of mainly London bus stop photographs worth a look.A real history and a half looking at them.

click here

Finally from The Shetland Isles a series of pictures about bus shelters with TVs, sofas and fridges in them.

click here

I do hope you'll enjoy the many and various bus stops and bus shelters around the world in this brief thread.

Big L 266

  Al94 09:48 04 Jun 2010

This is getting ridiculous imho. Is it the hot weather?

  Forum Editor 09:55 04 Jun 2010

and without wanting to give any offence, I'm inclined to agree with Al94.

We'll let this one run, but please don't turn it into a habit.

  bri-an 11:00 04 Jun 2010

Nun, nun.

Though it might be marginally more interesting!

  ronalddonald 12:03 04 Jun 2010

I think we should have designs like click here

in the the United Kingdom, they are far more better looking than the silly vandalised ones we have here in the UK

  ronalddonald 12:23 04 Jun 2010

just wondering if a bus collided with the bus stop with $$$ and £££ whatever currency would the bus driver be a millionaire.

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