an unusual battery type in

  bumpkin 15:26 14 Dec 2016

I opened my garage door remote control to change the battery (I have most types) and it is one I have never seen before. Like an AA but smaller and not AAA or MS21 as used in some door bells. It is about 270mm long x 70mm Dia, marked 27A 12V and TH which I think is the make.

Has anyone encountered one of these or know where I can buy one.

  Aitchbee 15:58 14 Dec 2016

Surely you meant 27mm x 7mm ...

  Forum Editor 16:15 14 Dec 2016

This is what you want.

You'll get them at Tesco, Halfords - lots of places.

  Forum Editor 16:16 14 Dec 2016


Yes, he does mean that.

  bumpkin 16:17 14 Dec 2016

Now there is a good point:-), yes I did, thanks.

  bumpkin 16:25 14 Dec 2016

FE, thanks for that but it is not a MN21 which is fatter and will not fit, I have tried one. It is very similar but thinner, i have never seen one before. The MN21 is 10mm dia.

  Forum Editor 17:00 14 Dec 2016

The battery in toejams link is 7.7mm diameter. It looks like the one you want.

  bumpkin 17:16 14 Dec 2016

Thanks toejams, that is the kiddie and available from Maplins locally.

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