Unsung heroes

  mdoyle1964 09:19 08 Mar 2012

There are lots of high profile people who have made a lot of meny from tech, but there are not many selfless individuals who have made a difference to the general public from a tech point of view and fewer still who have got some form of recognition.

Is it about time the tech world started to lobby for some recognition of those who have mde a difference but done so from a genuine public spirited perspective.

As an example I travel on the trains a lot and wifi has transformed my travel experience in that I can get tons of work done. Since 2002 this has been a massive boost - despite the stupid fares etc. The guy that came up with the idea, which has been copied all over the world was a british guy, he never made any moeny from it, even though the train companies have. As far as I can see he was called Paul Thrustle and worked for GNER. I would nominate him, it has benefited the public, he has made nothing from it and it has enabled the mobile world we now live in. Is not this the kind of hereo we should be celebrating and nominating for recognition, not juast the billiomnaires and egotists we are constantly presented with by the media?

  birdface 09:50 08 Mar 2012

An unfortunate heading for your first post I would think.

Now someone that would risk their own lives to save others in my opinion would come under the word hero.

Someone that comes up with the good idea of giving trains a wireless connection so that customers can use it may be called some thing else But Hero is the not word I would call it.

Just an unfortunate word at a time like this.

  mdoyle1964 09:55 08 Mar 2012

Perhaps we should stop using the word genuis and god for people like jobs as well. Just look at the returns you get on google when the word hero is used. someone gets a medal for playing a sport for 5 years and making millions. It was just an attempt to highlight work by people who have made a difference - if hero is too strong a word so be it, when the world thins everything is AMAZING!!!!!

  finerty 10:32 08 Mar 2012

if someone gets a medal 4 sport there a winner not a hero, if someone saves another life, protects others from harm, or gives their life to save others is a HERO. However being politically motivated action-ed, a no no. Using their own initiative quick thinking acting judgement a yes yes.

Designing and inventing are just those things and as such should b called designers and inventors, even though some inventions could save lives, or really, prevent a life being taken as preventative action.

  mdoyle1964 10:54 08 Mar 2012

Objective was not to get into a debate about what consitutes a hero or not. just to highlight the good work by another human being that makes a difference through technology for his fellow man.

By the way met a real hero a winner of the VC. I asked what he got it for - killing other human beings was his solem reply, quite humbling really....

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