Unsubscribe from PC advisor for free

  mini mouse11 17:08 17 Aug 2011

Does anyone know how to remove a free subscription email from pc advisor.

Im trying to delete my account and cant seem to do it.

anyone please help.

  birdface 17:42 17 Aug 2011

Gave up trying a while back so not sure if it is still the same or maybe they have fixed it by now.

It has been like that for at least a month but like I said not sure if it is fixed now or not.

Your query seems to hint that it has not been fixed.

Sorry but read the question wrong.That is what happens when you open a thread and you get e-mails that you don't want.

Somewhere at the bottom of the letter it should tell you to Click here to unsubscribe.That is what has not been working.

  mini mouse11 20:46 17 Aug 2011

I tried ringing IDG but they couldn't help me.

i dont know what for do

excepte close my email and not log into my account forever.

  lotvic 21:18 17 Aug 2011

If you mean you want to end/cancel your Forum membership altogether,

Click on 'Contact Forum Editor' at the top of the Thread, which will open your default email program with an email ready for you to type your request to the Forum editor.

Or just send an ordinary email to the Forum Editor's email address: [email protected]

  tullie 10:55 18 Aug 2011

Why bother?Just dont visit the site or contribute to any posts.One day you may need advice.

  simonjary 13:16 18 Aug 2011

Mini Mouse.

Is this just an email from IDG offering a free subscription, or something else?

Could you forward it to me at [email protected], please?

Hope we can fix this for you.


  lotvic 13:27 18 Aug 2011

According to other thread http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/16/speakers-corner/4070562/remove-free-subscription-email-on-pc-advisor/ from mini mouse11:

"im dont recieve any newsletters from PC Advisor i just want to delete or cancel my forum membership thats all i want"

  Terry Brown 14:00 18 Aug 2011

Depending on you email client, set up a rule to send all emails from pcadvisor to a seperate folder or if you are sure you will not need them to the delete folder.

When you get around to it, check the folder for anmy emails you may want and delete the rest.


  birdface 19:45 18 Aug 2011

Or do what I do just add them to the blocked senders list.

You still get them in the junk mail folder but easy enough to delete from there.

  wiz-king 08:14 19 Aug 2011

Well --- If this gets a green tick we know our advice didn't wotk. grin

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