unreliable smoke alarms are dangerous

  MJS WARLORD 13:44 08 Sep 2018

I have a smoke alarm in my hallway next to my kitchen and when I do something like grill bacon it sets off the alarm (no visible smoke anywhere) and I curse it and press the button to stop it.

So can you explain this , I got a box of duck legs in the oven and carried watching television. A neighbour walking past my home knocked on the door and said I think your kitchen is on fire. It was not on fire but when I opened the door it was like walking into fog. THE SMOKE ALARM NEVER WENT OFF ????

The dumbest smoke alarms I have seen are ones that say toast don't set them off.I think that if my toaster was on fire I would want my alarm to go off.

What would happen if toaster did get on fire whilst having a quick pee , answering the phone or answering the door.

With regards to the duck incident , thank god it happened 2 weeks before I got a new kitchen.

  wee eddie 14:11 08 Sep 2018

A quick question: When the duck legs were in the oven, was the Kitchen door, open or closed? Equally for when you are grilling bacon!

  bumpkin 14:19 08 Sep 2018

Based on what you have said I would replace it.

  Forum Editor 18:16 08 Sep 2018

"when I do something like grill bacon it sets off the alarm (no visible smoke anywhere) and I curse it and press the button to stop it."

Different types of detector work in different ways.

  canarieslover 07:58 09 Sep 2018

I have just had to replace one that the Fireason Brigade fitted 3 years ago. Sealed battery with 10 year guarantee which it did not reach. It was going off at random times so I reset it several times before I removed and binned it. I hope it's replacement, not a Fire Brigade one, performs better.

  BT 08:49 09 Sep 2018

Funny thing is mine often go off when I'm frying bacon even without visible smoke although they still work with smoke too.

Why is it that smoke alarms always seem to be run on PP9 batteries whereas CO alarms mostly run on AA batteries. Both seem to last a similar length of time so why the difference.

  BT 18:13 13 Sep 2018

Woken up at 3.30am with CO alarm beeping occasionally to say its batteries were expiring. Took batteries out till morning when I replaced them. 3xAA batteries had lasted 18 months which is not a bad life. 7Dayshop own label

  bumpkin 20:43 13 Sep 2018

I have a gas alarm, not smoke or CO. When I had a gas hob it would go off freqently as the hob would take a while for the igniter lit the gas. Now have an electric one so no probs with that. On occassions it will go off if the oven (Gas) is a bit slow to ignite. I think I prefer it being "over sensitive" to be blown up in the middle of the night but smoke alarms that keep going off can be annoying. I think it is a matter of buying decent ones and putting them in the right location which it is a bit of trial and error depending on the circumstances.

  Quickbeam 07:08 14 Sep 2018

'I think I prefer it being "over sensitive" to be blown up in the middle of the night'

Yeah... I think I'm with you on that one !

  Quickbeam 07:10 14 Sep 2018

So, can anyone say why CO2 use AA and smoke use PP9?

  BT 08:56 14 Sep 2018


A quick search on Amazon show some Smoke alarms with AA/AAA batteries, but the one I found seemed a bit uncertain whether it was AA or AAA that it used.

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