Unproven assumption?

  Diemmess 17:25 30 Dec 2004

Some time ago (was it a year?) Viruses and their detection were paramount in my mind.

Now, spyware, trojans and hijacking seem to be the major pest.

I'm smug enough (and clutching heavy timber) to say that because of the excellent freeware AV Firewall, and antispy stuff, I am not now aware of attacks on my computer, but have spent hours sorting family computers that became infested.

We, (my lot) seem to be on top of the troubles for the moment, but has the main attack by these "Twerps" switched, or is it just better detection and preventive maintenance?

  octal 18:04 30 Dec 2004

I don't think you're smug, I think its a combination of good AV and anti-scumware programs and more importantly knowledge of your own machine.

Just as an aside, a work colleague who I was speaking to on the phone said that he had installed SP2 he was running Windows XP, he commented that things were not working right. I asked him what AV he was using and to my horror he had no AV or anti scumware programs. After a few Anglo-Saxon expletives from me, I think idiot came into the conversation somewhere, I persuaded him to uninstall SP2 and to install Avast, Adaware and Spybot. Avast found 58 assorted virus and trojans and Adaware found 53.

The point I'm making is that the nasties are still there, but people like your good self are getting more expert at trapping the little critters using the tools available.

Keep up the good work!

  Jackcoms 19:12 30 Dec 2004


"I persuaded him to uninstall SP2"


  octal 19:23 30 Dec 2004

"I persuaded him to uninstall SP2"

To re-install it on a clean machine, why do you think?

  Diemmess 09:54 31 Dec 2004

As a final gesture, my question is simplified.

Are Spyware and Hijack attacks taking over from the replicating Virus attacks of a year ago?

  CurlyWhirly 17:34 31 Dec 2004

Are Spyware and Hijack attacks taking over from the replicating Virus attacks of a year ago?

I would say so as, I think, MORE people are now aware of spyware & trojans and so are much more likely to increase their software 'defences'.
Another factor could be that more people are switching to broadband, and as it is an 'always on connection', it is MORE important than ever to be properly protected when going online!

  Diemmess 17:53 31 Dec 2004

This has been a silly question really, but I think this excellent forum has shown the trend by the type of help that is being requested.

Certainly BB has exposed a lot of people to whatever slurry has been around, made worse by the huge increase in the number of innocents who have also joined in the fun for the first time.

I often wonder what happens to those who buy a computer because it seems the thing to do and then when it all goes weird....... do they give up, or spend loads-a-money with their dealer.

  CurlyWhirly 19:53 31 Dec 2004

I don't agree with you that this has been a silly question as I have read in various magazines that spyware, trojans & phishing scams are now MORE of a problem than viruses.
Having said this it goes without saying that anti-virus software is ESSENTIAL!

I just mean that recently more people have become infected with spyware, trojans & phishing scams than getting infected with viruses because MOST people run anti-virus software and keep it up to date!

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