Unexplained incidents

  Chas49 10:35 23 Mar 2010

These always annoy me when they happen. An instance of trhis is when, several years ago now, I was returning from Whitchurch, Shropshire to Wolverhampton along the A41. I had just rounded the traffic island where the A5 crosses the A41, and, for once, driving in a perfectly normal fashion following the car in front. Traffic was coming in the opposite direction and braking for the island. Suddenly there was a very loud squeal of brakes which went on and on and appeared to be in the car itself. Looking in the mirror I could see that there was no one behind me and traffic approaching the island appeared normal too. The sound continued for a few seconds unabated before eventually disappearing. The noise seemed, as I said, to be inside the car as if it was my own brakes. However, it couldn’t have been that as the car was still driving effortlessly. Could it have been a fan belt, no, the sound was that of squealing brakes and didn’t vary with the cars speed. Had it been someone driving the other way and braking very hard then the sound would have varied as we drove apart (Doppler effect?). I never did discover what it was that I heard and I often wonder if others heard it too.

Anyone else had unsolved mysteries like that?

  Paul-1379466 11:13 23 Mar 2010

My entire life is an unexplained phenomenon & an mystery. The older I get the more mystified I get.

  peter99co 11:45 23 Mar 2010

I would check your fan belt and see if is shiny on the running surface. What electric equipment did you have running at the time? A sudden load will cause a bigger demand on the Alternator and this could cause the belt to slip I think.

  MAJ 11:51 23 Mar 2010

A faulty or failing water pump emits a loud screaming sound, it could well be that as well.

  Pine Man 11:53 23 Mar 2010

A stone trapped for a short time between a brake disk and back plate.

  Chas49 13:32 23 Mar 2010

Purple Sky: Thanks for a good laugh - I know what you mean 8-))

peter99co and Maj: It was several years ago Peter. I was familiar with fan belt squeal and it wasn't that, and, until I had to cease driving and sold the car there was no such trouble afterwards.

Pine Man: A possibility I suppose but I would have expected that to affect the steering slightly, nevertheless it was possible. I would have thought that the pitch would have changed with the car's speed - it didn't do so - it was a constant pitch - that is why I couldn't work out the cause.

Thanks for your replies though - still laughing at Purple Sky's reply - been there, got the T Shirt too!

  Cymro. 13:38 23 Mar 2010

Perhaps the problem whatever it was was never actually in your car but came from another car being driver nearby.

  Chas49 15:33 23 Mar 2010

It was too loud to be that Cymro, Pineman's solution is the most likely one, could be a small stone and, though making a terrific row would not give any noticable braking effect.Yes, on reflection, he could well be correct.

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