An Undersatement Or What?

  Quickbeam 12:20 06 Jul 2011

"Great Britain Olympic footballers 'may lack passion'"

Olympic Football

  wiz-king 13:10 06 Jul 2011

Bring back the old rules - no professionals!

  spuds 19:19 06 Jul 2011

"may lack passion"

Haven't we heard that statement before, when a certain team had to take urgent holidays after a world cup to restore their faith in themselves?.

  daz60 20:27 06 Jul 2011

It seems rather a quaint suggestion that we should have a "British" side given the present political situation.The idea that 'national' pride should be subsumed under the banner of an abstract entity may work in times of war,to a degree,but that it would work in a specific footballing context given the "tribal" context is not viable.The notion may have worked in the past but now the arena of discourse has changed comprehensively,this is not to say that a solution may not be found but that any compromise is at best naive and at worst superficial.That is not saying much.The English are past and present masters of accepting 'sports people' on the basis of somewhat spurious and agonising ancestry into the fold.

  Condom 23:34 06 Jul 2011

Well There seems to be a deadly silence in recent days about a UK team after what appeared to be another self inflicted wound a week or so ago about there being agreement among the National Organisations.

  Aitchbee 09:34 07 Jul 2011

The o-limp-icks is a money-making organ-ize-a-shun. Who would want to pay over twenty five pounds to watch Afghanistan V Upper Mongolia? Lord Coe wouldn't.

  Aitchbee 09:41 07 Jul 2011

And while I'm on the subject The Glasgow Commonwealth games is only an excuse to raise the community charge by 20%...Londoner's beware.

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