Underdogs, Glasgow Celtic beat the Mighty Barcalona ...

  Aitchbee 22:15 07 Nov 2012

... Celtic tonight beat the 'best team in the world' said manager Neil Lennon.

I just love to see the 'little people' defeat the high and mighty.

Long may it continue.

  canarieslover 22:39 07 Nov 2012

Well every dog has it's day, just don't expect it to be every day!!!!

  Bapou 11:32 08 Nov 2012

You live in Glasgow and you refer to Celtic as the "little people". I have a couple of friends in Glasgow who would give you a very strong argument on that point.

It was a great win though.

  Condom 12:47 08 Nov 2012

I watched the game last night as others in my bar wanted to watch Barcelona rather than MU. I'm pretty sure that they were expecting a cricket score and certainly didn't expect the result they got.

As a confirmed "blue nose" I think it was the first time I have supported Celtic since Lisbon and then Leeds a few years later when I ended up in a hotel full of UK diplomatic staff all supporting Leeds.

We even won at pool last night making it 2 wins on the trot so all in all a very good night.

  canarieslover 15:52 08 Nov 2012

I watched the news this morning and saw Rod Stewart crying at the result. I didn't think it was that bad!!! lol

  passing through 20:11 08 Nov 2012

Good one canarieslover.

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