Underage Sex

  laurie53 08:29 21 Jan 2009

A teacher has been given community service for having sex with a 15 year old pupil.

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Am I being overly critical in suggesting that if it had been a male teacher he would have gone to jail?

  Quickbeam 08:34 21 Jan 2009

It was a gross betrayal of the trust between student and pupil... She should have gone to jail.

  donki 09:38 21 Jan 2009

Some people might suggest that goign to jail might have been to soft an option. As quick beam has said it was a complete abuse of her trust.

  wee eddie 09:44 21 Jan 2009

Most of us males do not regard it as possible for a woman to Rape a Man. I am not so sure.

As Quickbeam says "It was a gross betrayal of the trust between student and pupil... She should have gone to jail."

There is a definite case for the Penalty to be the same or, at the very least, equalised.

  Quickbeam 10:15 21 Jan 2009

'between tutor and pupil'

The pupil was 15. If it's illegal, it's illegal. A male teacher would be jailed if the pupil was willing or not, whatever sex the pupil might have been.

The law should not differentiate between the sexes at all.

  dagnammit 11:08 21 Jan 2009

It's comparable to a story I read years ago where a young man working in a bank won a sexual harassment case against his female colleagues.

He claimed that they flashed their body parts, asked him all sorts of questions and made remarks about what they'd like to do to him and so on...

Now, unless the female colleagues are seriously ugly I'd have no problem working there. :)

Believe me the 15 year old lad would have been more than willing! Not the same as a girl who would have to be, perhaps, manipulated into underage sex.

  interzone55 11:23 21 Jan 2009

I'm siding with fourm member here.

I've known of male teachers who were serious predators, and rather than soil the image of a school have simply been moved to other towns. The same is true of priests who were moved to different dioceses to avoid scandal.

If a teacher comes forward and admits guilt it's the same as any other offence, the guilty plea was taken into consideration and it was decided on balance a custodial sentence wasn't warranted in this situation.

It should also be pointed out that there is no way this woman will be able to teach again, so she needs to find a new career.

Contrast this story with the appallingly short sentences given to these chaps click here. Quite rightly these sentences are now being reviewed...

  interzone55 11:26 21 Jan 2009

Having colleagues making unwanted sexual advances is no joking matter, no matter what gender they are...

  Marko797 13:05 21 Jan 2009

I'm not sure either, on the sentence.

As has been pointed out, if the teacher had been a male, and the pupil female, then we would have heard accusations of 'predatory', 'paedophilia' and the general societal (and possibly forum) condemnation.

I'm not seeing any of that here in the comments.

  Quickbeam 13:10 21 Jan 2009

"Not the same as a girl who would have to be, perhaps, manipulated into underage sex."

Really... that's a precedent set in stone is it?

  carver 13:11 21 Jan 2009

I have to say that I agree with fourm member (dam I've forgot to take my tablets) but he is right, there was no force involved, I don't suppose the boy had to have his arm twisted to agree.

Not many men would have owned up the same as she did, she will now pay for this dearly.

I can't see that boy as hiding away from his mates and denying it happened as would be the case if roles had been reversed.

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