Under Engineered?

  jack 09:18 11 Aug 2009

Or am I being plain pessimistic?

A while ago I purchased a set of wall brackets onto which I was to place a microwave.

The solidly made brackets came with the packet of fixings which comprised of four no.10 screws and plugs.
The microwave however is behemoth combination weighting in at 25kg- .
No way I thought,so off I went and purchased a couple of Rag Bolts. I felt happier then-secure in the knowledge that there was now less chance of machine and my culinary efforts were going to wind up on the deck.

Yesterday I purchased a self assembly bathroom cabinet.
Stoutly made of painted MDF complete with its bag of fixings.
The wall fixings are yet another joke however.
The back of the item is a slot in fibreboard panel,through which are two pre drilled holes,
in the fixing patck are 2 pre drilled triangles of the same stuff with a strip of double sided tape and on which fix to the two upper corners of the unit 2 tiny screws and wall plugs.
So the weight of cabinet and contents will rest on 2 small screws through double thickness fiberboard into barely blaster deep plugs.

What do you all keep in your cabinets?
Even with a disciplined approach to what is likely to wind up in this one -I am not at all confident that the supplied fixing will be man enough.
So I am off to purchase a couple of mirror plates.
Am I being overly cautious?

  Quickbeam 09:40 11 Aug 2009

none of my handy work has ever collapsed:)

My mechanic's even more on the over engineering side, he bought 8" H section to make a hoist for car engine removal, it's robust enough to to tank overhauls!

  Quickbeam 09:52 11 Aug 2009

Two famously over engineered structures click here & click here Much better than under engineering click here

  lofty29 10:15 11 Aug 2009

When I buy anything of that nature the first thing I do is to throw away the fixings it comes with.

  SimpleSimon1 10:55 11 Aug 2009

Totally agree with other posters.

Just finished a house rebuild, part of which was wall-mounting a 100Kg boiler, externally. What fixings did they supply....10gague 2" screws and cheap nasty wall plugs!

Needless to say, these got short shrift and were immediately replaced by 5" coach bolts - maybe slight overkill but my philosophy is that the strucuture should fall down before the screws/bolts come out :-)

  Wilham 11:38 11 Aug 2009

I would question whether the 5" coach bolts would accommodate the movement of expansion/contraction with boiler temperature changes, and ask assurance the wall won't crack.

  peter99co 12:00 11 Aug 2009

The bridge at Iron Bridge has actually broken and now has to stand on an underwater concrete support which spans the full width of the Severn

  SimpleSimon1 12:08 11 Aug 2009

Took advice before I did this and shouldn't be a problem. The boiler is actually hung in a weatherproof casing and it is the casing that is bolted into the wall. The air gap between the boiler and the casing acts to reduce thermal movement plus hard-rubber collers allow a certain amount of flex should this ever be needed.

  Wilham 12:46 11 Aug 2009

SimpleSimon1: Good,it was sensible of you.

  jack 14:31 11 Aug 2009

Simply fiddly modern think like plastic wall plugs.

Before offering up the now reinforced bracketed cabinet- need to fix a towel rail under it.

OK use the existing original towel rail- probably 40 + years old and 'yer actual chrome on brass'
Too wide for new position so lop a bit off.
Offer it up with the end caps in place and mark for screw holes. Drill two holes for the first end cap only.
Fit plugs, perfect alignment, start screwing.
fit rail and other end cap to mark for the two remaining holes.Remove rail
Continue screwing, When one of the screws goes slack.
Oh wotsits?- move end cap .and out tumbles half of a dome head chrome screw.
Now what. plug in wall complete with half a screw.
Wont come out?
Sits and thinks- back to 1960's technology.
No plastic plugs then.
Drill bigger hole and whack in a tapered plug of scrap wood and saw off flush.
That then will give a little leeway to move the whole thing over in need be.

  Quickbeam 14:41 11 Aug 2009

I think we can allow some leeway after 200+ years:0

But isn't that because the foundations moved anyway?

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