Under 21 European Football Championships

  Legolas 17:52 12 Jun 2007

I was watching England the other night bit of a boring game I thought. When it went back to the studio after the game one of the taking heads (Peter Taylor) said England could play 10 times better than they did and one of the reasons for their poor show was "the pitch was too dry" scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses methinks. He will be telling us next the ball was too round or the grass was too green or maybe the goals were too small. ;-)

England did get a penalty but it was put wide of the left post perhaps if he had just ran up and hit it he might of scored instead of the stuttering stop start run up he employed. Of course having said all that at least England are there my team didn't get into the finals (Scotland)

  Forum Editor 18:10 12 Jun 2007

I'll be watching TV and I'll see the captain and manager of a losing team say "We lost because we played badly, and the other side played well - we deserved to lose".

Instead of which I constantly see people talking as if their defeat was attributable to anything and everything, except the players' poor performance on the night. "The lads will be disappointed with this result, but they'll dig deep and bounce back" is a euphemistic way of saying "We know it's our fault because we played like a bunch of donkeys - let's hope we have better luck next time"

And what's all this about 'conceding' goals - why don't we just say the other side scored against us? You don't 'concede' things to an opponent, he/she wins them. It's just another example of not wanting to upset people by using negative words. You don't lose battles any more, you concede them.

  MrNerdy 18:14 12 Jun 2007

The penalty tried to be to clever.
What happened to hitting hard & straight!

  Legolas 18:21 12 Jun 2007

Forum Editor It seems to be un PC nowadays to be negative especially in schools where we are banning competition in case it pscologically scars our youngsters if they lose, I'm afraid the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

MrNerdy agreed he was trying to put the goalie off and ended up putting himself off.

  Si_L 18:35 12 Jun 2007

FE talks of how managers can never be straigt and honest nowadays. I don't support Sheffield Utd, but I was annoyed to see them go down, I think Warnock is a breed of manager that we don't have enough of in the Premiership - decent managers who tell it as it is.

You will never see Sheffield Utd contest a ref's decision either, Warnock simply doesn't allow it.

Pity West Ham didn't go down, (no reference to Tevez, I just don't like them)

  dagbladet 19:15 12 Jun 2007

"You will never see Sheffield Utd contest a ref's decision either, Warnock simply doesn't allow it."

Are you serious?

  Forum Editor 19:20 12 Jun 2007

that managers can never be straight and honest at all.

  Si_L 19:21 12 Jun 2007

Yes I am. If a ref gives a decision against Utd, Warnock has asked his players not to contest it. It cant be reversed anyway, what is the point of contesting? I know it puts pressure on the ref to give you a decision to even it out, but thats just the kinda guy Warnock is.

  dagbladet 19:25 12 Jun 2007

Sound down in front of the kids

click here

  dagbladet 19:26 12 Jun 2007

Just let me know when you've had enough.

click here

  Si_L 19:43 12 Jun 2007

Maybe I should have made myself more clear. Warnock himself has a thing for hassling refs, but he tells it as it is, doesn't try to put a good spin on a lost game.

But you will never see his players contesting for a decision, he doesn't like it.

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