Unbuntu 12 released & Updated Today ~ Most Impressed

  Input Overload 22:50 26 Apr 2012

Unbuntu 12 was released today & I updated from 11 on line which went extremely smoothly - I must say as I have not yet taken the pledge & denounced MS Windows being from the Devil, it really is very good ~ With added bells.

I Can see Linux being taken very seriously in the next few years, MS could certainly learn a thing or two from Unbuntu (like no logging whatsoever which can be enabled, to name but one feature) ~ If prospective users can get away from the idea you need two brains to install & use it the main hurdle will be passed ~ If I can run it anyone can!

It can also look most impressive with a little tinkering :-) I may now take the pledge ;-)

  Aitchbee 08:13 27 Apr 2012

One of my laptops went belly-up recently, so instead of reinstalling windows I will take your advice and give Ubuntu 12 a home of it's own...and perhaps do the same install on some of my older machines.

My friend has got fast broadband for the required download.

  Aitchbee 08:27 27 Apr 2012

PCA did a feature on Ubuntu 12 very recently:-


...it could be worth a try as it's free.

  Input Overload 10:04 27 Apr 2012

There are sevral ways of running most Linux vrrsions, one id from the cd just to mess with it, at the mooment I'm dual booting with Windows 7 & Unbuntu will set this up for yioou


  Input Overload 10:06 27 Apr 2012

Spell check before posting ~ With glasses ON ;-)

  canarieslover 13:18 27 Apr 2012

I can see that if Microsoft continue with the Metro interface for Win 8 then a lot of users may be tempted to go over to Linux as it is now becoming more like the Windows we already know. With the Raspberry now shipping with Linux it may get the young user base that it needs to make real inroads into the mainstream markets.

  interzone55 13:43 27 Apr 2012

I tend to use a portable version of Ubuntu on a USB stick, it's better than using the live CD versions as you can save settings and documents to the same stick.

Not tried Ubuntu 12 yet, will give it a whirl at the weekend...

  Forum Editor 19:03 27 Apr 2012

"I Can see Linux being taken very seriously in the next few years"

I've been hearing that for the past ten years at least, and still Linux can only lay claim to just over 1 percent of the world's desktops. The simple fact is, useful as Ubuntu might seem to some people, it simply can't hold a candle to Windows when it comes to configuration options.

Ask IT admin people about Linux, and you'll probably get the same response - 'Linux, great for servers, but keep it away from my desktops'.

Hell is likely freeze over a lot sooner than Linux will threaten Windows (or MacOS) in any serious way.

  Input Overload 22:51 27 Apr 2012

'Hell is likely freeze over a lot sooner than Linux will threaten Windows (or MacOS) in any serious way.'

I notice this very site >PCA< & just about all the PC info I sites visit have run articles regarding the recent Ubuntu upgrade ~ This was not the case just two years or even less ago ~ 'I believe' I read an article on this site recommending Linux a few days ago.

Actually some the IT guys & girls I meet & I do meet a fair few do not totally agree with you - I was speaking to one (some) last week who runs a popular large new London infrastructure IT system (they) who shares my views regarding Ubuntu & Mint – And that Linux is now an alternative, although perhaps only recently a viable desktop alternative.

Why would anyone need to keep away from it on the Desktop? Or at least not give it a try?

It's free & uses a piddling amount of space, the only things I use windows for now are photo editing & music programs that I have bought mainly from Serif that are used 'maybe' once a month, & there are alternatives that I use in Linux now for some of the time & that will increase.

I'm using it now, I have high quality music playing (it recognises my USB DAC without problem & within 3 seconds of booting (unlike windows) this evening with relatives here we have looked at lots of photographs, laughed at You Tube, played videos ~ What else do most people do? 95% of the time?

Firefox runs just as well or maybe faster & all of the 1600+ bookmarks I have used work just as they do in Windows, most people who use this PC forget or don't even know they are not in windows, my fibre internet connection is faster most (all) of the time.

My daughter in law commented on the total absence of adds in her Facebook account tonight that still appear in windows 7 with the full version of 'Ad-Muncher' running. And the Desktop looks as good as my Windows 7 install & I use customisation programs from Stardock among others for that, tweaking in Linux is easier on the wallet & as much fun.

It's now using just over 420Meg of RAM, boots almost in half the time 7 takes, & I have no AV running, the second it has booted it's totally usable unlike windows.

I fail to see the almost unexplainable disdain for what is becoming a real alternative to even the latest windows offering (AKA 8) & is great replacement for XP users.

I dislike the way MS windows is going (as do you) & like very much the direction Linux is moving, it's not perfect but it's good, & getting better & very, very usable on a day to day basis.

'Android' most popular operating system there is Linux - That also was not the case two years ago or less either.

Times are changing fast & it's not just either MS or Apple any-more there are now perfectly viable alternatives with half the hassle of maintaining a clean windows install.

I feel unless you are running a photographic studio or if you are into music production they are as good in many (not all) ways than windows & in other ways a refreshing improvement over windows & mac ~ If you are into photographs or music big-time you will be running Apple anyway.

This is one user that has bought each & every windows version since 3 that is very happy with Ubuntu 12.04 – That must say something?

Of course we are all entitled to our own views & it would be a sadder world if we all thought the same.

  Forum Editor 23:17 27 Apr 2012

Input Overload

I don't regard Ubuntu with disdain, in fact I use it myself for specific purposes.

My response was purely to address your remark that "I Can see Linux being taken very seriously in the next few years" as a reminder that people having been saying the same thing for a decade - one during which Linux has made hardly any inroad into the Windows desktop market share.

I've worked in the IT business for a long time, and although I don't dispute the fact that there are some people who embrace Linux in a corporate network sense, the fact remains that they are few and far between. There are good reasons why Linux desktops are thin on the corporate ground - it doesn't have the tools that busy IT admin staff need, and its use generates far more support requests than does Windows. No doubt desktop users can make the change, given time, but in a business environment time is at a premium, and support costs money.

I'll very happily eat my words if proved wrong, but as things stand I can see no indication that the Linux share of the desktop market is going to increase that much over the next few years. In the home-user market desktop share is falling. Global tablet sales are predicted to reach around 364 million units a year by 2016, and none of those devices will run Linux. The future (at the moment) is decidedly tablets, and at the moment 'tablet' means iPad as far as sales domination is concerned. iPad sales currently represent approximately 17% of the entire PC market, and iPads now outsell desktop computers.

I see no signs of abatement as far as tablet sales go, and that isn't going to do anything to improve the Linux desktop market share.

  Chegs ®™ 04:17 28 Apr 2012

I would happily switch to Linux,if it was going to continue to run my games with a simple click on the desktop to launch the game.I have tried(& failed)numerous times to run various games through Wine in Linux,and there has always been some issue resulting that I couldn't fathom.

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