UNBELIEVABLE...... watch to the end

  do-gull 00:13 30 Jun 2010

click here

I know it's not in English, but it is still worth watching.
Any ideas how it's done?


  Forum Editor 00:30 30 Jun 2010

Yes, it's done with magic.

  do-gull 00:41 30 Jun 2010

But....... no wand!!! :)

  zzzz999 04:12 30 Jun 2010

The glass is probably the same cheap double glazing I have :-(

Clever trick, mind you. I think we should burn him at the stake just in case.

  sunnystaines 08:04 30 Jun 2010


  gengiscant 09:22 30 Jun 2010

Next you'll be telling me that pulling a bunny rabbit from a hat is a trick and not magic.

  zzzz999 10:55 30 Jun 2010

no, anything involving rabbits and clothing is genuine magic

  birdface 11:08 30 Jun 2010

Its easy.
My wife can make money disappear quicker than that.

  Legolas 13:16 01 Jul 2010

Aye and the tories are going to make jobs disappear before you can say abracadabra

  do-gull 13:31 01 Jul 2010

Even though the end is superb, The other tricks with the coins are SOoooo cool.

After watching the first one I thought " ok neat slight of hand " BUT the following ones are really well done and yu watch them again to try fathom out

.......HOW!!! IMHO. :)


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