Unauthorised Mars Bars

  morddwyd 10:12 06 Sep 2012

The makers of Mars have made a statement that deep fried Mars bars "does not fit the company's promotion of healthy living."


How pompous can you get.

Next the makers of sugar free jam will be telling us we shouldn't be using it to make Cornish splits!

  wiz-king 11:07 06 Sep 2012

It's not as if they are exactly healthy in the first place. I cant see deep-frying making them a lot less healthy.

  Aitchbee 11:21 06 Sep 2012

A Mars a day, helps you work rest & play!

  proudfoot 11:28 06 Sep 2012

I have always loved Mars bars since they came off sweet ration after the war. I don't fancy one deep fried, at least I now know I am eating the healthier option, which isn't usual for me. To paraphrase my late wife "Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening."

  KRONOS the First 11:38 06 Sep 2012

My late gran and granddad worked the Mars factory in Slough and we used to get a parcel of rejected Mars bars etc every so often, my sister and I were very popular when we had this massive box of sweets to reluctantly share.

On another note Mars really looked after their workers even after retirement. Took them on days out to the seaside,which was a big thing in my grans day. They always got a little something at Christmas, there was free transport to a club situated with the factory.

Imagine companies actually caring for the ex-employees in this day and age?

  morddwyd 20:27 06 Sep 2012

"Imagine companies actually caring for the ex-employees in this day and age?"

Or even their current employees!

  wee eddie 11:50 07 Sep 2012

A melted down Mars Bar makes a wonderful,albeit quite calorific, sauce for ice cream!

  Bing.alau 13:05 07 Sep 2012

Do they have to be dipped in batter before deep frying them? Or do they go in the hot fat naked?

  Bing.alau 13:07 07 Sep 2012

I wonder how they would sell if, like a tin of sausages and beans, they were put in a tin of tomatoes? Only one per tin mind you.

  finerty 14:02 07 Sep 2012

I remember the old adverts a mars a day helps you work rest and play. Now this was way back from the 70's. So where was the so called nutrition people saying it was healthy. There was no such thing in regards to lucozade, coca cola, Pepsi many chocolates, and many many fizzy and none fizzy drinks.

Have these companies reduced the sugar content or have they increased it over the years. But then there is the junk restaurants who claim to be healthy like McDonald's, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried and whole host of other ones that have sprang up over the years.

Gone have the old corner newsagents but come have the giant supermarkets, who don't sell sweets in moderation like the old newsagents use to.

Now have tried fried mars, i thought the chocolate would of go off when it was fried

  finerty 14:05 07 Sep 2012

no these days there saying beer is good for you, which i would disagree if your drunk and fall over hit the head on the pavement and nobody knows until the morning when you could of bleed to death.

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