The unacustomed heat and and blood loss

  jack 20:17 23 Jun 2010

Does some strange things to one
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So having made the 'delivery' I though don.t go home you need to go to B&Q.
So I took the bus into town to the store.
It was then I remembered why I wanted to be there.
to purchase 4 -50x50 cm paving stones
It is the heat I am sure - and the blood loss

  canarieslover 20:41 23 Jun 2010

I don't see the problem. One in each trouser pocket and one under each arm. Simples!!

  ronalddonald 11:20 24 Jun 2010

are afraid of the vampire draculas who work for the NHS, there not that bad silly billy, ive had countless bloods taken from me even last week a nurse took bloods as im going under the knife next friday to remove polyops from me nose which have caused me to stop breathing from my nose.

I can only breathe through my mouth, ive had these polyops since 2002, yet i stopped smoking in 1991 yet started smoking in when i was seven years old

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