An ultimate conversation piece...

  Quickbeam 08:13 26 Mar 2009

Would you hang one of this artist's paintings? click here If you would, where...?

  crosstrainer 08:15 26 Mar 2009


  jack 08:18 26 Mar 2009

The best place for them is 'Under the Hammer' thence into the fire.

  crosstrainer 08:23 26 Mar 2009

It opens an interesting debate.....Hitler was (in my opinion) pure evil.

Does that negate his "art" being displayed?

  Legolas 09:00 26 Mar 2009

If you seen the artwork without knowing who painted it would you buy it? If yes would you change your mind when you find out it was Hitler? Personally I would't buy it one way or the other.

  jack 09:27 26 Mar 2009

.....Hitler was (in my opinion) pure evil
I' ll not dispute that.... but many people of not have unacceptable ideas....are in general put firmly into their place or ignored .
ut on this occasion the concepts were interpreted and put into practice by those that surrounded him.--- How did it go the way it did?
Like wisw the original thoughts of Engles/Marx et al could be said to be the perfect way- the pity was it was in revolutionary Russia they took hold
and the brutal way of life of the Czars simply changed names- in other words nothing ready changed- only the perpetrators.

  crosstrainer 09:36 26 Mar 2009

Been an artist......?

  Grey Goo 09:38 26 Mar 2009

Wonder if he said that whilst painting

  carver 09:51 26 Mar 2009

If art was only displayed because of the moral or ethics of a particular person or civilisation then I'm afraid you wouldn't have a lot to look at.

Just because he was a complete maniac and mass murderer doesn't stop his work being classed as art, the same as the Roman Coliseum is looked upon as a building worthy of keeping even though it was a place to slaughter thousands of people.

Throughout history art has been created by people who we know to have killed countless people, we still keep those items.

Or would it be better to behave as in the past and if you don't agree with some thing, destroy it.

  interzone55 10:14 26 Mar 2009

This is probably the best treatment for Hitler's art work.

click here

He was never an accomplished artist, his work was amateurish at best.

Please excuse the swear words in the linked article, I think they're appropriate in the circumstances...

  Forum Editor 12:26 26 Mar 2009

is debatable - like beauty, it's often in the eye of the beholder. There is no reason why Hitler's paintings shouldn't be sold of course, like many other things they have a kind of historical significance. If paintings by say, Stalin, came up for auction I very much doubt that there would be any kind of a fuss, despite the fact that when it came to killing people Stalin made Hitler look like an amateur - at a conservative estimate Stalin masterminded the killing of some 20 million people.

Hitler was unquestionably an evil man,but like all very evil people he will continue to feature in the history books, and there will be those who wish to collect his works - books as well as paintings. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do so, although there will be those who try to infer that there is.

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