UK water use

  peter99co 11:45 19 Apr 2010

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Embedded in a pint of beer, for example, is about 130 pints (74 litres) of water - the total amount needed to grow the ingredients and run all the processes that make the pint of beer.

A cup of coffee embeds about 140 litres (246 pints) of water, a cotton T-shirt about 2,000 litres, and a kilogram of steak 15,000 litres.

The amount of water used to produce food and goods imported to developed countries is worsening water shortages in the developing world

I wonder how we can resolve this? Tax It? VAT?

  wiz-king 12:05 19 Apr 2010

A load of rubbish! The only water imported is the water contained within the procduct, the rest of it remains in the country of production or processing.
The water cycle is the ultimate 100% efficient recycling program. All the water used in irrigation goes back into the ground or the air anyway and eventually back into the system. What evaporates forms clouds, what goes down the drain gets to the sea and then evaporates to form more rain.

  ronalddonald 16:44 19 Apr 2010

What he bbc say is absolute cobblers. They make us pay for tv licensing and yet they cant get nothing right.

When i read the news quite often if ind errors in their reporting and when they make up titles to stories they are quite ridiculous. They need to keep it simple but quite often its very antagonizing to read.

  ronalddonald 16:45 19 Apr 2010

the beeb seem to love this game of scare mongering

  john bunyan 17:12 19 Apr 2010

How much water to make a pint of tap water? I assume the pipes, filtering, streilising etc, plus sewage etc makes it such that a pint of tap water is more than a pint. All new houses should have built in rain water collection and tanks for , at least bathing etc.

  Pineman100 17:51 19 Apr 2010

water is neither created nor destroyed. The planet has a fixed amount of water which is simply recycled again and again.

So the problem is actually a geographical one. Too often the water is in the wrong place.

Plus, of course, we have to use energy to purify and distribute the stuff.

  oresome 19:05 19 Apr 2010

It all comes down to the same problem.

The world is over populated.

  VCR97 20:00 19 Apr 2010

Some old houses in this area have three taps in the kitchen: hot, cold, rainwater tank.

  BRYNIT 20:35 19 Apr 2010

It is logical to assume the planet has a fixed amount of water as per wiz-king. I would agree with oresome that its likely due to over population.

From click here the Male has about 60% water.

On the assumption that the population continually increases eventually the water supply will disappear. The odds on this happening are very slim as we would more likely starve first. I could be wrong.

  john bunyan 22:19 19 Apr 2010

A friend who is a keen home brewer with several bits of apparatus in the loft also has 3 taps on the kitchen: Hot, Cold, and Beer.

  peter99co 22:33 19 Apr 2010

I do find it difficult to see how the water they use to irrigate the crops is still available for them to drink. I agree the water still exists but until it arrives back into the tap, it is not available.

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