UK schools to dump Microsoft ???

  Maverick81 15:34 23 May 2005

Apparently BECTA have annouched in a report that they suggest schools can ditch MS and save 24% of their IT budjet

Apparently the full report will be in one of the broadsheets before too long

click here

Will schools look to linux ??


  Monument 16:31 23 May 2005

What practical use would teaching kids Linux, at the expense of MS, do in preparing them for the real world where Linux is a very very small niche product.

  Pooke100 16:45 23 May 2005

Why not?

Linux is just as good as Windows. This would thrust Linux forward quite a bit into the market. It would save Education a fortune too, to be spent else where!

  Mike D 16:50 23 May 2005

I first heard this a couple of years ago. Dunno whether anything will come of it, MS is very well entrenched.

At the time I heard it there was also a story doing the rounds about the government ditching MS in favour of Linux. This one makes me shudder with HMG's record of IT procurement.


  originalmiscellany 16:54 23 May 2005

I doubt it very much if many schools will change

1) Most kids have Windows and Office XP/2003 at home.
2) All our technicians are trained in Office/Windows.
3) To transfer computers and get all staff up to speed would be a monumental task
4) Getting non ICT proficient teachers up to speed after most are just getting the hang of Office would be impossible
5) we get very reasonable rates from Microsoft for getting the most up to date software for our school of about 300 computerst

I have looked into open office, but for some of the stuff we teach it's simply not as good or easy to use as Excel or Access.

  Ancient Learner 17:06 23 May 2005

So if they do this unfortunate thing, there will be new prospective employees asking what Windows is, and having all the wrong skills for the prospective employer.

It may save money, but as said above many teachers have trouble with Office as it is. I am not exactly a lover of Mr Gates products myself, but this seems another badly thought out idea!

  Maverick81 17:30 23 May 2005

To be fair I think the majority of kids who IT qualifications and experiences at school often find them out of date when they leave school..I know I did, my high school was still using Acorns when I left in 97 and had only 1 windows 95 machine in the whole school...I started being a moden apprentice having to learn Windows 98/NT4

I think there should be a broad range of subjects covered in ICT in schools and it shouldnt rely on just microsoft products.

In my daily grind at work I use , NT , Linux , XP and several other pieces of software and the majority aren't microsoft.

Saying Linux is a niche product is a little narrow minded though, that would be like saying German is niche language because only the germans speak it...

In history you learn about all the different ages of give them a rounded knowledge, should the same be true of ICT...and its ever growing position in schools....

My sisters of 13 manages to write her homework up on openoffice 2.0 and take it to school and open it in Office 2003, not every parent has £100 + free to buy office 2003 when openoffice is free and just as useful :o)


  jack 19:49 23 May 2005

That skools teech kids the rong things is not knew!

50 years ago youngsters would leave Arts and Crafts colleges with a nice diploma and come to studios such as I working working in and were thrown into a completely new world of Letraset/Cow Gum/ Scalpels/chipped and uwashed for years -coffee mugs, engravers proofs and repro setting -
All they could do for the first six months was watch, get the grub, make the coffee, sweep up.

A youngser going for their first job today with their CLAIT in their pocket will be in the same situation.
In the main schools,Nnver did get to grips with the real world.
That is also opined by my daughter a top line teacher for these past 20 years.

  Cybermaxx 21:34 23 May 2005

Meh, whatever happened to the good old BBC Model B? Bring them back, I say! 32k of RAM is more than sufficient! Why, in my day...etc. etc.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:46 23 May 2005

There were no computers in my school. They didn't get their first computers untill 2 years after I left.!

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:13 23 May 2005

they've done this before.

Microsoft tried to cut the volume discount for government departments, government departments responded by looking into the viability of using *nix.

Microsoft kept up the discounts.

probably just more politics.



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