UK prepares for faster broadband ??

  charmingman 08:48 12 Sep 2008

This could be good!!

click here

  MAJ 11:17 12 Sep 2008

No upgrades needed according to the guy in the O2 shop th'other day, he can give me an 'up to 20meg' connection down my BT phoneline. That's great, I said, are O2 laying cable? No, he said, the line has been "unbundled". I had to leave the shop.

  interzone55 11:31 12 Sep 2008

The O2 chap is correct.

O2 broadband have equipment in many exchanges that means they can offer higher speeds than standard ADSL.

It's the same equipment as used by BE broadband and they're pretty highly regarded.

As far as I'm aware this doesn't involve switching phone provider, as one of the service requirements is a BT line...

  interzone55 11:34 12 Sep 2008

Sorry, I meant to post this link to Sam Knows

click here

  MAJ 11:40 12 Sep 2008

I'm gobsmacked. I didn't know it was possible to get those sorts of speeds down a BT line.

  bremner 11:50 12 Sep 2008

The point is it currently is not possible.

To achieve 100Mb the existing copper wiring must be replaced by optical fibre and that will cost between £5 -28 Billion.

The 100Mbps coming with the full £28billion option.

  laurie53 20:29 12 Sep 2008

I wouldn't mind just 1 mB (paying for 8!).

  tullie 20:38 12 Sep 2008

Personnely,if anyone told me i could get up to 20 megs on my phone line i would walk out,mind you its the "up to" that covers them.

  MAJ 20:48 12 Sep 2008

That was my point, I thought even 20meg was not possible down a phone line, but the 02 guy said it was and I didn't believe him. There's no way that 100 meg is possible without cable, so yes the £30 billion (£90 billion by the time it's done, no doubt) investment is going to be needed at some stage if the dream is to be realised.

  Grey Goo 20:57 12 Sep 2008

Some years ago Nynex dug up every pavement in our area and many others to lay conduit for what has now become Virgin cable television. Surely there must be some spare capacity in these conduits if some agreement could be reached with the current owners.

  Stuartli 21:14 13 Sep 2008

I think this may be the link you mean:

click here

My own exchange has been Enabled for 02/Be since a year last March, but the 21CN coverage has been put back to the last quarter of 2011 (I bought an ADSL2+ modem router with future proofing in mind a while back!)

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