UK internet economy 'worth billions'

  peter99co 18:05 28 Oct 2010

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Some 60% of the £100bn a year figure is made up from internet consumption - the amount that users spend on online shopping and on the cost of their connections and devices to access the web.

The internet's contribution to GDP is set to grow by about 10% annually, reaching 10% of GDP by 2015

I find that truly amazing.

  Forum Editor 18:17 28 Oct 2010

I think the figure would be higher if we could manage to provide people with faster,cheaper broadband access.

Good to know that the UK is "the world's leading nation for e-commerce".

  spuds 22:49 28 Oct 2010

What this report doesn't mention is the increase of fraud with internet transactions.

  spuds 23:38 28 Oct 2010

I seem to have figures of £2.7bn according to the National Fraud Authority with crime up by 10% during the first nine months of this year, as verified by Cifas the UK's fraud prevention service.

  wids001 07:00 29 Oct 2010

No doubt the government are already planning a special "Internet Purchasing Tax" upon hearing this news!

  morddwyd 08:50 29 Oct 2010

"What this report doesn't mention is the increase of fraud with internet transactions"

Nor the decrease in cheque fraud because of the reduced use of cheques.

If a shop gets more customers it gets more shoplifters.

If a bank gets more accounts it gets more bad ones.

It's a natural process.

  spuds 12:15 29 Oct 2010

Which is exactly the point I keep making on any and many of the discussion raised within the forum. Statistics can mean anything depending on the method that the statistics are or were obtained, and by whom. Yet at times others will argue that statistics are correct, and we all must believe in them.

  jakimo 13:05 29 Oct 2010

'we all must believe in them'

but who's figure is right

The Attorney generals department estimates Identity fraud has risen to £2.7bn

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  spuds 13:39 29 Oct 2010

I already stated that at 23.38hrs yesterday. The Attorney General website as the NFA link.

  spuds 13:44 29 Oct 2010

You seem to have changed your tune, because you and the forum editor always seems to state that any statistics that you provide are true.

I suggest that you have a look at some of your and the forum editors more recent comments on this subject, on other postings.

I seem to have been chastised in the past for questioning statistics or search engine reports!.

  Forum Editor 19:16 29 Oct 2010

"you and the forum editor always seems to state that any statistics that you provide are true."

I'm, not aware that I have ever stated that statistics I quote are "true". I simply quote statistics, and like everyone else I obtain them from sources on the internet. I have no way of knowing that any statistic is 'true', and nor do you - we're both in the same boat as far as that goes.

That said, I am used to working with statistics as part of my job, and I'm used to referring to more than one source before placing any kind of reliance on statistics. What you need to do when using figures is to look at how they were produced - make a judgement about whether or not you think they can be relied upon.

Watch some of the TV ads for shampoos and cosmetics, and listen carefully to what they say. Then look at the small print that sometimes appears on the bottom of the screen.

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