Is the uk Government able to govern?

  Aitchbee 19:13 07 Mar 2011

It does not look good after Libya cock-up.

This is not a rant.

It is a rational question from a uk citizen of 56 yrs.

  Forum Editor 18:29 11 Mar 2011

"Whoever is in power the opposition always takes the opportunity to blow it out of all proportion and run & run with it."

Read up on your political history - you'll find that has always been the case. It's the job of an opposition party to keep the government on its toes, and that involves constantly questioning government actions. It's not a bad thing, a healthy democracy needs an active and vociferous opposition party.

Anyone who thinks that being an MP is a soft job is out of touch with reality. MPs work long hours, and deal with complex issues. Of course some of them are better than others, but that applies in any field. In the main a democratic country gets the government it deserves. MPs are a product of the society they represent, and if we don't like what we see we would do well to remember that we're looking at ourselves. The government didn't lose touch with the UK public years ago - the government is the public.

The problems faced by any government - at home and abroad - are more or less the same, regardless of the colour of the party/parties in power. we no longer inhabit a world in which the map was mainly coloured pink; a gunboat mentality has no place in today's political and diplomatic atmosphere. The days when British foreign policy affected half the inhabitants of the planet are long gone, and anyone who sites and dreams about us being a major force in shaping the world is doing just that - dreaming.

We can influence events, certainly, but in an entirely different way to the past. Our biggest problem is ourselves. We no longer seem to have the pride in our country that it deserves. We have a rich history of achievement, but that - as they say - butters no parsnips. What matters now is that we work hard, behave like the great nation that we are, and stop endlessly dwelling on and in the past.

  CurlyWhirly 23:01 11 Mar 2011

I entirely agree.

Just as Iraq was Labours legacy, I hope Libya won't be the Coalitions legacy !

  Aitchbee 21:12 20 Jul 2011

I gave Mr Cameron 8 years but I was being optimistic...the Government is not doing its job. Mr Cameron is at the last chance saloon.

  Devil Fish 23:40 20 Jul 2011

polotics is never easy i had my first vote in 1984 but had seen the damage caused in the late 70's

Thatcher turned the country from near bankruptcy into an economic force her decisions were not always popular but she got the job done with a majority

Now fast forward we find ourselves in a position were the country is on the brink again Cameron has to try and do the smae thing but this time with his hands tied take the libs out of the equation and let him do his job i believe prospeity will return

Now a little lesson for the lefties donning crash helmet Q: Why don't the conservatives hit the super rich A: because they are the very people they are looking to to invest in the country if you make conditions undesirable they will just take their money elsewhere

  morddwyd 07:28 21 Jul 2011

One day it's all Gordon Brown's fault, the next it's Margaret Thatcher's.

Does nobody believe that the present bunch of no-hopers, from all shades of the political spectrum, bear any responsibility?

Move on. What's done is done.

  Aitchbee 10:09 09 Aug 2011

I want Mr Cameron to show he 'means business' with these law-breakers.

  Forum Editor 20:35 09 Aug 2011

"I want Mr Cameron to show he 'means business' with these law-breakers."

Which law breakers? This thread is about the situation in Libya - you should know that, you started it, five months ago. Try not to mix up one topic with another - people who read this thread in a year's time will not have a clue which law breakers you're talking about.

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