UK border agency problems

  SparkyJack 11:31 07 Nov 2011

Whilst reading all the problems associated with the UKBA in the Sunday paper yesterday mention was made of employees engaged in Visa and other entry fiddles.

Several individuals were named as being suspended and under investigation

Each one of them are themselves foreign nationsal -presumably naturalised- to be allowed to work in the department-

A Trojan horse operation perhaps ?

Get in- Get a job - let all your family and friends in.

  spuds 12:06 07 Nov 2011

The surprising thing about all this, was a number of television documentaries and other media reports have been brought to the authorities attention, and very little follow-ups were ever undertaken?.

Apparently there is a number of finger pointing going on, and I wonder if this will be aired in Parliament, perhaps later today or the forthcoming days or weeks?.

  SparkyJack 15:09 07 Nov 2011

Smoking Beagle When making my post I was strongly aware of not being accused of being Racist or any other 'ist'

But to clarify the manes given appear to be of West African origin

  morddwyd 17:26 07 Nov 2011

I can remember watching a programme about this.

They raided a restaurant, questioned several people and told them to report to Immigration.

They disappeared.

What a surprise!

  john bunyan 17:42 07 Nov 2011

A few years ago , as I was working in Holland, I arranged to go to the Passport office in Petty France in London on a visit here to get a new passport "while you wait". Without being in any way racist, all the staff were "non white" as were all of the customers in the queue other than myself....

  bremner 19:13 07 Nov 2011

John Bunyan

...and your point is?

  spuds 19:58 07 Nov 2011

fourm member

For translator's you might want to check out how much the police spend, or perhaps your local council on these services!.

Perhaps off subject, our local council state that any publications that you want in different languages or format, they will oblige. I have a friend who once requested that the council supply him with literature printed in Irish Gaelic (Gaeilge) and they thought he was being very petty or obstructive, because they could not supply any, and as a result they insisted that he left the premises before they called the police!.

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