1st_johnnymac 13:56 15 Nov 2005

Listed on the cover disc as a "full" programme,

am I missing something? I only get the trial :-(

  1st_johnnymac 14:20 15 Nov 2005

To answer this myself as I got a prompt reply from Ufly4less.

"It is a full programme with the limitation that you can only search 14 days ahead" doh!

New definition of "full programme" required :-)

and not the one that says "you get what you pay for"


  Crunchy 16:58 15 Nov 2005

Also felt cheeted by this "full programme". Won't be purchasing full edition as visiting sites directly is easier.

  RickyC :-) 17:17 15 Nov 2005

Hi 1st_johnnymac

Sorry for any confusion, let me assure you that the software we've given away on the cover disc is fully functioning and will do exactly what is intended - it will allow you to find the cheap flights for departures up to 14 days in advance.

For flight searches for trips which are further in the future, you would need to purchase the version from the Uflyforless website.

I appreciate that there is a grey area regarding full programs, but we do ensure that all the software we give away fully functioning and will not time-out. There will always be more advanced or more professional versions available of software we've given away - after all, that's the reason software developers participate in covermount promotions - to encourage PC Advisor readers to take the next step and even software developers need to make a living.

I do wonder whether if we were to give away Windows XP Home on the cover disc, we'd end up with a bag full of complaints that we hadn't given away the Pro version, and so were mis-selling a 'full version'.

Richard Clooke
CD Editor

  1st_johnnymac 17:41 15 Nov 2005

A free XP Home OS is not a good comparison :-(

Full programmes without the additional features of the latest versions are ok by me

In the world of cheap Airlines most of the offers would be gone within 14 days therefore making the "full" programme less than usefull.

Having said that I will probably buy the full version, but can't help feeling slightly conned, whereas if it had been in the trial version, I would have been quicker to buy it as it is a usefull feature sadly lacking in other searches.

P.S.Condesention is not a virtue :-)

  ria 19:05 03 Apr 2006

Just wondering if anyone actually bought this program. I bought it a few months ago and had nothing but problems with it, as matter of fact I have jet to get it working.

  DrScott 19:15 03 Apr 2006

I'd certainly not complain - and would certainly be in the queue to buy that edition of the magazine!

  ria 20:11 03 Apr 2006


  ezypcy 20:20 03 Apr 2006

I think that one as got to be realistic when it appears to be a 'full program',because how can any company afford to give away their products for nothing.Especially when it involves labour intensive products like software.There is normally small print associated with most deals nowadays.

CD Editor - "we do ensure that all the software we give away fully functioning and will not time-out".

Maybe this is simply the reason as to why you could never ever contemplate the idea of giving away Windows XP Home on the cover disc.lol

  Forum Editor 00:20 04 Apr 2006


  1st_johnnymac 08:47 04 Apr 2006

You can't get past the fact that the programme was virtualy useless with the 14 day limitation no matter how you dress it up.

That realistic enough for you? doh!

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