Tyre pressure query

  CurlyWhirly 22:08 08 Jul 2011

I've recently bought these" target="_blank">http://www.michelin.co.uk/motorcycles/michelin-pilot-road-3#tab-tyres-sizes">these tyres.

I can't find the link now but I read an article on the Michelin website which stated the effects of having under-inflated or over-inflated motorcycle tyres.

I've been riding motorcycles for over a decade and have always allowed the front tyre to be inflated to a few PSI less than the rear tyre.

The motorcycle that I'm currently riding uses tyres that can be inflated up to 42 PSI in each tyre.

I currently put 40 PSI in the rear tyre and 35 PSI in the front tyre.

Does anyone know if it's a good idea to have this arrangement or should both tyres have roughly the same amount of air in each tyre ?

If there's any fellow bikers here who can offer advice, I'd be grateful.

  morddwyd 08:49 09 Jul 2011

Ignore what it says on the tyres.

The manufacturers cannot possibly know all the configurations which the tyres may be fitted in.

That figure is the general, "emergency" figure I've already referred to. On some tyres it will actually be referred to as "Max Presuure".

  CurlyWhirly 09:25 09 Jul 2011

Thanks morddwyd.

I'll leave the tyres as they are then ;)

  Colin 11:58 09 Jul 2011

I have a Suzuki Bandit 650 and the Suzuki manual states 36PSI front and rear with or without a pillion. Sounds odd to me but they make the bike so that’s what I go with.

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