Typical of the police

  hijo 22:13 05 Jan 2007

My Wife's just come home from a local shop which is kinda like a mini Asda,there has just been two kids of 12 yrs old caught stealing some chocolate bars valued about £3 & one thing she noticed when she got outside was the fact that there was FIVE police cars there....mmm Friday night theres other things they could be doing instead of there been around 8 policemen there....

  spikeychris 22:33 05 Jan 2007

Dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. I do however agree, I work with community police at times and I ask the same question, it’s all about communications.

  Strawballs 22:42 05 Jan 2007

They will sent muliples because if it is anything like the ASDA near me there might have only been 2 in the shop but quite often a big broup outside, they must be easily ammused if hanging around outside ASDA is their idea of a Friday evening out.

  JoE. 22:45 05 Jan 2007

Simple pleasures...

  Forum Editor 22:47 05 Jan 2007

Police patrols answer calls not knowing what might be waiting at the other end. Many's the simple shoplifing that has turned into a serious armed incident. As spikeychris says, the police are in a no-win situation on many occasions; if one of these kids had started waving a gun around the public might have been glad of a robust police response.

  jakimo 22:55 05 Jan 2007

I reported to the police that a burglary was taking place at a neighbours house.

Fifty five minutes later and well after the burglars had left a copper arrived on his bicycle,and asked me for a statement...A few hours later the police phoned and ask that if I agreed they would collected me next day to view photographs they had on record, nine months later I'm still waiting to be collected.

  Forum Editor 23:59 05 Jan 2007

That's not acceptable. I would have been on the phone.

  rodriguez 01:33 06 Jan 2007

I remember about 10 years ago, or maybe more the house opposite us had it's burglar alarm go off when they were on holiday. Now this house (unlike others) never had it's alarm go off so my mom phoned the police to report it. Guess what they suggested...they told her to go over and check it out and see if there was anyone there then phone back if there was. Brilliant - they could have been armed with anything. Another one was when the car got nicked from outside the house overnight. What was their response? "Are you sure you didn't leave it in the garage?". Great that was. Anyway, the neighbour found it half a mile up the road dumped on a car park undamaged.

  egapup 09:38 06 Jan 2007

If the burglers had driven off at speed, doing 40 in a 30 mph zone say, the police would have been there like a shot.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:22 06 Jan 2007

Few people forget when the police get it wrong.

Few people remember when the police get it right.

The same as in all things where "customer" service is involved.

  [email protected] 13:28 06 Jan 2007

i live on a road with 3 schools, every day at 12.30 and 15.30 they come stumbling out spitting every where and looking like extras from dawn of the dead, the neighbourhood got fed up with cars being vandalised old dears scared to leave the house etc, so the local papers ran a partition to get the bobbies back on the beat!
for a whole THREE days we had two terrified looking 18 year old, dressed at matalan 'officers' pushing their mountain bikes around, that was in the summer, havnt seen them since, i got a crime number when my flat was broken into, never saw anyone!
and tey i've been pulled over 6 times last year in a car less than a year old, which is obviously legal, and obviousy fast, and im told i would be gratefull if they pulled it over after it had been stolen??!
a friend told me he went to a police night out where evryone drove home over the limit, and he was told about a game played called snooper loopy where the said policepeople have to pull over a red car, and then get points by pulling the next vehicle over, ie 2 points for yellow, 8 for black etc, i have no idea how true this is, and hope my address and real name arnt available, but it does make me wonder!

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