Two-faced hypoctites!

  Pine Man 11:16 27 Jul 2012

I'm not much into football but it made my blood boil to see the 'non-English' GB football team members who are more than happy to play for the team but refuse to sing the national anthem!

  Pine Man 11:17 27 Jul 2012

  Quickbeam 11:19 27 Jul 2012

Which of course is one time when the national anthem is the right one to sing, unlike when it's England playing something or another and we don't have a proper official English anthem to sing!

  Pine Man 11:19 27 Jul 2012

Bit of a problem posting at the moment.

Apologies for title of the thread it should read hypocrites.

  Aitchbee 11:47 27 Jul 2012

Personally, I think there should be a hand held microphone (karaoke style) passed along the team members, who each in turn, sing a line of the anthem...that should get their team-spirit and/or adrenelin a-surgin'.

  KRONOS the First 12:49 27 Jul 2012

As an Englishman living in Scotland where Flower of Scotland is the national anthem I have long believed that England should have one. I have not heard a reasonable excuse as to why this is not so.

But as to Pine Man's point,to those guys who felt that singing God Save the Queen was not necessary. The clue here is in the your sides name Team GB, if you don,t like it get out.

  Woolwell 12:59 27 Jul 2012

God Save the Queen is not only the UK national anthem but the anthem for our overseas dependencies. Their national teams stand and try to sing the anthem but the team may be composed of ex-pats who have qualified by living there for a number of years. These ex-pats may be any nationality typically Canadian, South African, Irish, Australian but as part of the team have to stand for the anthem. It can be quite amusing seeing some of them struggle with this.

  Woolwell 13:01 27 Jul 2012

To those nationalities add Scot, Welsh, English.

  Wuggy 13:35 27 Jul 2012

Why do all these posters seem to think it is compulsory to sing the national anthem. For goodness sake we're not in North Korea, yet. If some players wish to sing that's fine. If others just want to stand to attention, or as close to it as some can manage, that, too, is perfectly acceptable.

  Condom 13:39 27 Jul 2012
  1. O Lord our God arise, Scatter her enemies And make them fall; Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks, On Thee our hopes we fix, God save us all!

The above are the words of the third verse of the National Anthem and were written about the Scots.

Do you really expect Scottish people to sing a song about the English wish to crush us.

I know it was a long time ago but the Anthem was not written as a UK National Anthem but an English one.

  KRONOS the First 13:46 27 Jul 2012

OK if you want to be pedantic,not like you at all, it has been adopted as Scotland's de facto national anthem whether you like it or not.

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