Two die as aircraft crashes into field!

  Uboat 20:09 17 Apr 2010

Increadable they flew with ALL the restrictions!, just goes to show there IF its the Ash from the volcanoe its still out there in the air!

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  rdave13 20:17 17 Apr 2010

No restrictions on private aircrafts. Looks like an unfortunate accident that's caused two people to sadly lose their lives.

  ronalddonald 22:56 17 Apr 2010

Private aircraft owners are strongly advised by the Civil Aviation Authority not to fly due to volcanic ash, however no legal restrictions are in force.

I think the Civil Aviation Authority better get its act together very quickly and enforce laws now before any more mishaps take palce

  Forum Editor 22:59 17 Apr 2010

because they generally fly much lower than commercial flights, and the ash cloud is at a relatively high altitude.

  morddwyd 08:52 18 Apr 2010

The abrasion of the dust is unlikely to be a severe problem for the flying surfaces at the lower speeds and altitudes of light aircraft.

If it was piston engined there would also be no significant abrasion in the engine, and the dust is so fine it would be unlikely to choke the fuel feed.

This aircraft was probably flying lower and and maybe even slower (airspeed) than traffic on the A9.

  onthelimit 09:16 18 Apr 2010

If piston engiges were affected, there wouldn't be many cars running at the mo!

  onthelimit 09:17 18 Apr 2010


  morddwyd 19:36 18 Apr 2010

Some cars are affected.

Mine is covered in a beige crud which came down with the rain this morning!

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