two centimetres of snow is expected to fall

  Forum Editor 16:25 28 Jan 2019

in the London area overnight tomorrow.

I am due at a meeting on Wednesday morning, and have just received a call from the organisers to say that they are probably going to call things off, in view of the trouble people will have getting to the venue.

The venue is in central London, and all the attendees live within six miles.

We have truly become a nation of ickle babies.

  qwbos 01:16 31 Jan 2019


Is this what you were referring to?

Equally stupid are the idiots who defrost their windscreens and windows using hot water. Many years ago, I left my car parked in the street outside my house when I came home after a night shift. Shortly after, I heard a bang outside and went to investigate. A woman who lived at the end of the street had used water to "clear" her windscreen. By the time she'd driven less than 50 yards, her visibility was so poor that she'd veered onto the wrong side of the street, smack into the front of my bright green SAAB 99, which was saved by its massive rubber bumpers. I always wonder what carnage she'd have caused if she'd missed my car and carried on out of the T junction.

  qwbos 01:26 31 Jan 2019


There's a strange mentality with some people who seem to need to show the world how much snow they've got on their car.

I've always liked the comfort of a clear car in winter as I don't like surprises like avalanches off the roof when I brake or blizzards off the bonnet when I accelerate. So I've always cleared snow off my car before I set off if the car's been outside and remove any accumulated snow before the car goes in the garage. I'm also a passionate advocate of the windscreen scraper, though it's getting increasingly difficult to get a decent scraper these days. Must be about the only plastic item that's seeing reduced production.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:41 31 Jan 2019


Agree I have never been able to purchase a decent screen scrapper the best thing I have ever used is half a "" the old ones were thick plastic and were rivited or screwed on, snapped in they two made great scrapers, unfortunately the new ones are just sticky labels.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 14:14 31 Jan 2019

Quite a few years ago, in Holland, I had a Ford Mondeo V6 with a built in FRONT windscreen heater, like the rear ones. Brilliant car all round in its day. Sometimes there, the front had 1/2 in of ice or more, never mind snow.

  qwbos 15:05 31 Jan 2019

Fruit Bat /\0/\

My current scraper is about 20 years old. It cost about £1 from Halfords and it's a single piece moulded plastic fluorescent green gem.

I've also used isolation tags similar to your overhead wires tag. They were about 7" x 4" x 3/16" and made of a plastic that was hard enough to scrape but soft enough not to scratch. They came FREE with my job!

john bunyan

Heated front windscreen was standard on many Fords and some Mazdas (when Mazda was related to Ford) for many years. I'm pretty sure they're still available on a lot of Fords. Mazda now has a quick boost button that's very effective at getting rid of condensation inside the screen, but I doubt if it would do much for ice outside.

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