two centimetres of snow is expected to fall

  Forum Editor 16:25 28 Jan 2019

in the London area overnight tomorrow.

I am due at a meeting on Wednesday morning, and have just received a call from the organisers to say that they are probably going to call things off, in view of the trouble people will have getting to the venue.

The venue is in central London, and all the attendees live within six miles.

We have truly become a nation of ickle babies.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 28 Jan 2019

Less than an inch and the UK comes to a stop. :0)

Its not been a bad winter if you haven't seen snow before the end of January.

  Belatucadrus 17:15 28 Jan 2019

Just think, only a few years ago these same people would have been navigating the streets of the capital in humongous 4WD diesel pantechnicons and now have been pushed into Leafs and Zoes by the low emission zone regs.

Then again they probably don't make any difference. They'd have battened down the hatches and stayed at home when they had Bentaygas and X5s.

  Forum Editor 17:19 28 Jan 2019

We had snow where I live (London/Herts border) on Tuesday night of last week -again it was 2 centimetres and gone by lunchtime the next day.

If all we can expect is a few occasions like that, it will certainly not be a bad winter. My daffodils are up six inches, Magnolia trees and camellia bushes are thick with slightly coloured buds, so it isn't going to be long now.

I'm a warm weather creature - I hate winter.

  Cymro. 10:50 29 Jan 2019

I live on the west coast and don't usually get much snow but they even promise it to us this time. Can't stand the stuff as it keeps me indoors.

  Cymro. 10:57 29 Jan 2019

F.E. My daffodils are up six inches, Magnolia trees and camellia bushes are thick with slightly coloured buds

Here on the west coast a reputedly mild place these is no sign of any such plants about as yet. Less than 250 miles between us and you and so much difference. I wonder when such things come to life up in the North of Scotland?

  Menzie 11:45 29 Jan 2019

Two CM?! Two, that's all... I'd love to have that.

I'm in Canada and last night we had... Are you ready for this... 25cm!

I still have to get up and go to work today. The cities plows have been out since it stopped at around 4am.

Motorways and Main roads are the priority so side roads will still be quite tricky to navigate.

Most schools are still open although school buses are cancelled.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:37 29 Jan 2019

I'm in Canada and last night we had... Are you ready for this... 25cm!

Say that to an Austrian and they'll just laugh at you!

Here in West Somerset there is a little sleet in the forecast (Met Office).

  Menzie 13:40 29 Jan 2019

Old Deuteronomy - You are correct, we don't get it as bad as some.

The morning commute wasn't pleasant today. My car skidded a few times and lost grip.

The parking lot at work has not been ploughed as yet. All the cars are parked along the main road. Thankfully my old workplace is a few doors down.

The manager there said I was welcome to park there.

In this day and age too many careless drivers who will hit your vehicle and take off. I have cameras installed but don't want to go through that hassle if avoidable.

  wee eddie 14:22 29 Jan 2019

I take my Taxi off the road, almost as soon as it becomes "slippery".

My reasoning is this: I may be a half decent driver but in such conditions it is fairly simple for me, or someone else, to make an minor error of judgement that results in a minor accident.

The result of that accident will very likely be: My vehicle might be off the road for a couple of weeks, with a resultant loss of income and the loss of my No Claims Bonus. OK, I have Insurance Cover for Loss of Income and my No Claims Bonus is protected, but this comes at a cost which escalates if I ever use that cover.

Overall, the loss of income caused by a short period of inactivity is infinitesimal when compared to the added costs incurred as a result of an accident, whoever actually caused it.

I think that in FE's Case, the Organisers have considered the necessity of holding the meeting on Wednesday, as opposed to a couple of weeks time, and the extra bother attendees will have to incur, to get to the meeting, rather than the risks involved.

  oresome 14:42 29 Jan 2019

It's the zero risk mentality.

The easiest decision to make is to err on the side of caution.

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