Twitter Diplomacy, is the future...

  Quickbeam 08:22 18 Dec 2016

For heads of state to start throwing out hastily thought out and badly composed Tweets to announce foreign policy?

Petulant Trump Tweets

  bumpkin 11:52 18 Dec 2016

I am surprised heads of state don't have better things to do. I thought such sites were for people to discuss what they had for breakfast.

  john bunyan 17:15 18 Dec 2016

I saw Obama when he went on a walk with Bear Grylls. At one stage Bear took a selfie; Obama said the Secret Service would not let him have a cell phone and did not know how to use one. I suspect Trump will try to resist attempts to stop him tweeting his rubbish. Su far he has suggested the Chinese keep the underwater drone they took, he has rubbished the CIA's report of Russian hacking of Hillary's e mails. I hope he, in office, is more inclined to listen to his advisors, but I see trouble ahead.

  Forum Editor 23:02 18 Dec 2016

It used to be the case that people in highly influential political positions considered very carefully before they spoke or wrote on subjects that affected diplomatic relations with other nations.

Now, we live in the age of immediate - everything has to be out there, and out there as soon as possible. If I was a White House official, Twitter is the very last thing I would want my President anywhere near, especially if that President was Donald Trump.

He is going to be a real liability, and perhaps it won't take too long for the American people to realise just what they've done by electing this shoot-from-the-hip, politically inexperienced, loud-mouthed man to be their President and Commander in Chief of their armed Forces.

It's one thing to be an inexperienced President who takes things slowly and listens to advice, but quite another thing to be someone who appears to believe he doesn't need any advice.

One thing's for sure - he'll provide us with plenty of forum discussion material in the year ahead.

  Belatucadrus 00:57 19 Dec 2016

Well Monday the Electoral college will all cast their votes to chose The President elect. They are almost certain to rubber stamp Trump, but that will beg the question what exactly is the point of an Electoral college ? They are supposed to prevent the inauguration of any candidate manifestly unsuitable for the job, if they sign off Trump it's a pretty clear statement that they're a bunch of pointless bureaucrats going through the motions and prime candidates for disposal on cost cutting grounds.

  Burn-it 16:30 19 Dec 2016

But what is the alternative?? They set themselves up for being removed on the grounds that they have contravened the people's wishes - even if the people have realised their mistake. Very much like the recent pole in the UK that went the opposite way to what was expected.

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