Twitter accounts hacked, including encrypted ones

  john bunyan 18:17 02 Feb 2013

I hear that a quarter of a million Twitter accounts have been hacked, including some encrypted ones. See:

Twitter BBC

I am not a Twitterer as I think it is a bit narcissistic but if these people can hack encrypted files , is on line banking next?

  Forum Editor 11:31 04 Feb 2013

john bunyan

I would never use anything that automated password entry or form filling. I do use a little free application called KeePass which stores my passwords very securely on a memory stick. I've used it for a while, and I have confidence in it - even if someone gets the memory stick they'll have a problem getting at my passwords which are encrypted using SHA-256 which is a 256-bit cryptographically secure one-way hash function.

To date there have been no known successful attacks against SHA-256.

  Forum Editor 11:37 04 Feb 2013

My sympathies are with Twitter and those affected. By all accounts the attack was a sophisticated affair, carried out by people who knew what they were doing.

I have nothing to do with Twitter - I don't have the time, and I can't for the life of me see the point of it all - but any breach of security like this one sends shivers down the spine of anyone in the IT business who has anything to do with confidential information on databases connected to a web server.

  Forum Editor 12:45 04 Feb 2013

"I'm not proselytizing for Twitter; just saying that I've found it useful."

And I understand that many people do. My point is that I don't have the time for yet another means of interacting with people, most of whom I don't know.

I don't see the point of it because I can already get as much information and as many opinions as I could ever want from the other sources I use, and I can't imagine that many people would be remotely interested in my stream of consciousness. There has to be a limit to the amount of social interacting a person can do in a day, whilst trying to earn a living at the same time.

If I'm going to engage in information and opinion interchange I would rather do it in a way that allows me more than the Twitter character limit. At the moment I'm thinking about blogging.

  simonjary 21:54 04 Feb 2013

I went to change my bank online password and discovered it won't allow characters other than letters and numbers. A few special characters (:£?) can help the security. That said none of us are as clever as the hackers and their algorithms so its probably impossible to be entirely safe.

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