TV's obsession with flogging sport to death

  Paddy 01:23 03 Jul 2012

I realise that there are a large number of people who just love watching sport on television, but there are others who either have just a passing interest or actually dislike sport. However the tv companies insist on flooding BBC 1 & 2 and ITV with football and now tennis. Both of these companies have a selection of other channels (BBC 3,4,5 ITV the same) which could be utilised exclusively for sport etc, leaving the prime channels to still broadcast the normal variety of programmes. By the way I am looking forward to the Olympics, but not to being forced to watch everything on every channel throughout the day and evening, most being repeats of the events over and over. PM

  Chegs ®™ 02:00 03 Jul 2012

but not to being forced to watch

Easily cured,turn off the TV.I leave the TV off as I hate football,tennis & F1.I decided to go look around the iPlayer site today,& was able to find programs worth watching that I'd missed through not even bothering to check the schedules as seeing hours & hours of football/tennis last time I looked was annoying.

  Quickbeam 07:37 03 Jul 2012

Some of the broadcast contracts, F1 in particular, require the output to be on a prime channel to win the contract.

Other sports like international football, rugby, tennis etc, have such huge viewing numbers that the pro sport viewers vastly out number the soap cabbages, sorry I meant viewers, so supply and demand dictates the prime channels output.

And plenty of minority sports are output is on obscure digital channels, but they get low viewing figure on them because it's hard to find the listing and you get fed up channel flicking once you get past channel 9,031...

  Quickbeam 07:44 03 Jul 2012

I do concede though, that when test cricket was on terrestrial output, a full 5 days of ball by ball coverage ought to have been on a prime digital channel. The only person I've ever known to watch every ball played in every test for over 20 years was my mates dad that retired trough ill health and became housebound, although I think he used that as an excuse just to watch the full games!

  hastelloy 08:07 03 Jul 2012

A recent "Pointless" (BBC quiz show) survey showed that less than 50% of people asked new that England took part in the last world cup. I knew that and I hate football so what does this say about the percentage of people who actually WANT to watch sport on TV? IMHO sport should be on a dedicated channel and should not disrupt the "normal" schedules. There are many people like my 93 year old mother who get very frustrated when they can't find anything to watch. She has dementia and needs her routines. (If I'm honest, I'm a creature of habit as well).

  wiz-king 08:15 03 Jul 2012

Not only sport! Food and 'cowboy builders' seem to be on the same menu.

  Quickbeam 08:24 03 Jul 2012

The 50% of those people quoted may be the ones that watch quiz shows but don't know any of the answers, or gardening programmes but have an unkempt wilderness, or antiques shows but cover the mantle piece with cups of cold tea, or cooking progs but order in takeaways every day to live on, or house makeover shows but live in squalor aren't exactly a reliable source to defend the "normal" schedule!

  Aitchbee 08:36 03 Jul 2012

QB said " ... or watch house makeover shows but live in squalor ... ".

I must admit, I fit into that catagory; "Homes Under The Hammer" has got me hooked ;o]

  birdface 09:12 03 Jul 2012

Well just to be different I don't think that there is enough sport on the TV

What do kids do when they see sport on TV they get out their bats and balls or running shoes or whatever and try to emulate what they have watched.

Unfortunately most of the sport is on pay for TV so less and less kids take up sports and you wonder why England can not get a decent football team.

Football is every 2 years so you can put up with that.Tennis is on every year.And motor racing could be dumped as nobody learns anything from that.

Plus there are probably another 100 or so channels on the TV that you can watch so no hardship there.

Wonder what you did before we had TV's.Listening to the radio was the highlight of the night then.

  wiz-king 10:47 03 Jul 2012

Too much 'high money' sport and not enough 'how it's done' explanations of most sports.

  Quickbeam 11:10 03 Jul 2012

Who would watch on national TV a local Sunday league pub match being played 200 miles away? It'll only ever be high profile games that make the TV schedules.

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