TV shows or movies that scared you as a child

  simonjary 10:49 18 Sep 2012

Which TV programmes or films frightened you as a child?

I was discussing this with another father at the school gates yesterday, and I remembered staying up to watch the Ealing film 'Dead of Night' (made in 1945) when I was about 9 or 10.

I thought it was going to be an Ealing comedy.

Take a look at Dead of Night, it's even more terrifying now!

Other TV shows and movies that scared friends include:

Children of the Stones (ITV)

Dr Who and The Sea Devils

Salem's Lot

The Changeling

Any others to give us all nightmares?

  jameswalker 11:13 18 Sep 2012

Scariest episodes of tv shows for me (and so, more memorable!):

Worzel Gummidge - Pretty much all of it but especially the episode when the kids make their own scarecrow and play Frankenstein. The Crowman is not happy. That's his job after all. He's the scarecrow 'god'

They make the head from a slashed beetroot and one of its hands is a boxing glove. The kids and their vegetable monster are in their old musty shed, and then…

Then there was a Sapphire and Steel episode with some scary dudes without faces.

And yes… 'Chocky'

  amonra 11:38 18 Sep 2012

When I was quite young, cannot remember how old, I managed to sneak into the local flea-pit to watch "The Mummy's Hand" . I was scared out of my skin and didn't sleep for the next few nights due to nightmares. Of course I couldn't admit WHY to my parents, I'd have had a walloping and "Serves you right" !

  Condom 12:10 18 Sep 2012

I suppose the first ones that had me on edge as a child were the Quatermass Series. Saw them again years later and found them comical. Must have been a bit of a "scaredy cat"

  kad60 13:18 18 Sep 2012

the beast with five fingers

the hand my teacher,Mr Padgett,spanked me with,like paddles only harder.

The movie,The Haunting,the original and best especially the scene when the ghost pushes the door and walls attempting to enter the study.Have the dvd and still sends shivers down my spine.

Maybe the question should be ,why do we enjoy being scared.?

  Strawballs 14:19 18 Sep 2012

That Dr Who and the sea Devils scared the hell out of me and it did not help because it was filmed locally to me at the Forts just out to sea!!

Film A Plague of Zombies!

  Bing.alau 14:52 18 Sep 2012

My nine year old grand-daughter absolutely loves scary films and specially scary ghost stories.

The only time I jumped at a film way back was the one about the bloke who never gets any older but his painting in the attic does. Why can't I remember the name of it at this moment? Then when he stabbed it the roles were reversed. I think they have made an update of it recently, which I think was called "The Painting In The Attic"

Then there was "Jaws" I remember people jumped at a scene in that.

Recently I enjoyed the film "The Woman in Black". I think that was what it was called anyway.

  simonjary 15:33 18 Sep 2012

Bingalau, You're thinking of The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde).

  tullie 16:30 18 Sep 2012

No tv when i was young but i used to listen to "Journey into Space"on the radio,which seemed quite scary

  interzone55 17:05 18 Sep 2012

I used to be terrified of Doctor Who, and some Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected episodes would send me behind the sofa.

Can't do that now as the sofa is right next to the wall...

  Brumas 18:10 18 Sep 2012

Quatermass and the Pit scared the bejasus out of me especially when he was walking in a churchyard and the gravel started moving - even now thinking of it makes me blench!!

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