TV Quizzes, are they Scams?

  recap 12:51 26 Feb 2007

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Apparently this is not the only show to do this.

  €dstowe 15:16 26 Feb 2007

Most likely all these "phone in with ludicrous answers to even more ludicrous questions" type TV quizzes are built in the same way. They all need investigating.

What gets me more, though, are these competitions where the phone call is charged at the minimum call rate (£1 or so) even if the caller doesn't get connected. That's not a scam, it's theft.

  [email protected] 15:43 26 Feb 2007

Idiot that i am last year i telephoned a show called "The Mint" & even more stupid i called them constantly @ £1 per time (I belive) as its a show where u call ing & try to get through to the host & the anser to the question is shoved in your face..,i tried 20 times in just one night then the next night i tried 12 & got through to the show let me explain this to you: onece u get through to the line it says "hello & thankyou for calling the mint let me see if youve been lucky enough to get through to the next level" after 12 times i was so excited as i'd got through & was waiting to speak to the "Host" as i knew the answer,err but then the answering machine said "Iam sorry youve not been selected to go through to the next level" so how many levels is there on these shows & how many people that call are belived in thinking its just a case of getting through to the host not some pathetic answering machine that ganis the show £££kk's...its wrong.(Full stop) & yes again i will admit i am a idiot but will NEVER call them show's again there just a CON...

  mole44 16:18 26 Feb 2007

if your daft enought to call a £1 a minute line you have only yourself to on the tag line on the screen it will tell all.and i`d like to have been a fly on the wall when richard & judy got wind of what was happening.

  anchor 16:52 26 Feb 2007

There are quite a lot of these so called "quizzes" on TV, and I have always considered these premium rate phone in competitions a scam. The questions are usually ridiculously easy, and the cost is usually £1.

I saw another such a competition last evening, straight after the broadcast of "Wild at Heart", (which is set in Africa). To win a flat panel TV you had to phone in to say which was the fastest animal; the Cheetah, the Leopard, or the Lion. The cost, us usual, was £1.

For those who need to check the details:

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Leopards rely on stealth; Cheetahs rely on speed over short distances. They are the world's fastest animal.

  rodriguez 17:01 26 Feb 2007

[email protected] sums it up pretty well - exactly the reason I never phone them. Entire channels dedicated to these games (such as ITV Play) were just set up soley to bring income to the TV network.

  [email protected] 17:11 26 Feb 2007

"mole44" when u say "if your daft enought to call a £1 a minute line you have only yourself to blame" we all know this that doesnt realy relate to this post however its your point of view,some people have a hard time making ends meet & thats where the "Sharks" of this post came into it,they pray mainly on people genuinley needing the cash but in turn make matters worse for them...they should be much more regulated and none of this automated rubbish...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:25 26 Feb 2007

Anyone entering these really lame TV quizzes that are so asinine as to beggar belief will not really understand the process by which they are having their money lifted off them and this will be part of a trend that explains why they are always permaskint.


  Mike D 18:59 26 Feb 2007

I'm not sure whether I have this correct, but I seem to remember during my days with BT that the reason that this type of quiz was set up was something to do with the lottery legislation, which stated something to the effect that a prize draw could not be run via the telephone. However, if callers were asked to answer a question, then it would be perfectly legal to draw the winner from the callers with the correct answer. Thus the daft questions are there to legitimise a prize draw.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it, Your Honour!


  Forum Editor 19:13 26 Feb 2007

that any TV show which asks viewers to phone in and vote, or phone in to try to claim a prize, or phone in to join a future edition of the show, is raking in money big-time from the call charges.

Thousands of people call - one person wins. The show wins all the time.

I'm astonished that this could come as a revelation to anyone.

  Forum Editor 19:16 26 Feb 2007

It's not theft. Please don't make sweeping alegations you can't substantiate. It may be unacceptable, or even (in some cases) immoral, but it's not a crime.

Viewers/listeners are invariably warned about call costs before they phone, but many of them are so eager to start dialing they probably ignore the warning.

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